WiWW: Chocolate Covered Banana

Ok, so I didn't actually wear a chocolate covered banana.
I just wore brown and yellow :)

My yellow cardigan is from last season at target, and it has these really cute rhinestone buttons on it! I had to repair on of those pretty little darlings though, because it was under a bit of stress.

My Tan shirt is from my weekend shopping excursion with my hubby and can also be seen {here}.

The flower broach is from my mother’s 31 gifts that I also wore {here}.

My brown pin striped skirt is from January of 2010: Cato.
I love that store… I can get really professional looks for such great prices.

My flats are from target :)

I longed to wear my cute brown pumps with this outfit, but my athritis prevented me from doing so. Sad day.

I really felt like a chocolate covered banana, so I decided to add a pop of color with this simple beaded necklace. I have no idea where it came from, or how long I’ve had it!

I think I stole this bracelet from my sister ;)

I tend not to wear yellow because when I was a little girl my grandmother told me it looked bad on me. Since my hair is practically yellow, I don’t want to be a walking lightbulb. I just felt extremely spring-y today since it’s in the high 80’s here in alabama.

What do you think? Is it too bright? Should I stay away from yellow? What are some good colors you think bright blondes should wear? Do you have any colors you absolutely DO NOT wear?

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Amy said...

I love that necklace! Overall wonderful color combo. I'd like to get my hands on a rinestone button sweater!

Lindsey said...

You are ADORABLE in yellow. :)

Frenchy said...

I like yellow ! you look great !

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