WiWW: ahoy mateee!!!

Hi ;)
Technically I wore this last week, but that's our little secret!
What I wore Wednesday:
Thrifted: $3

Striped Top: F21
Red Tank: Stolen from Sisser
Kahkis: oldddddd
Necklace: Walmart
yeah, so i'm not good at this whole taking pictures of
myself thing. ESP when i'm trying to hide it from my husband because i'm embawwassed!

wiww over at the pleated poppy
the pleated poppy blog
Oh, btw...
We eat ice cream like dinosaurs.



Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Amber said...

Love it and I am a sailor teehee. Have a lovely week. ax

Amy said...

Something about wearing stolen goods just ties the whole ensemble together.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay! I'm glad I found you! I clicked on your little linky off Pleatedpoppy's blog because you put a little pic of your shoesies up, and so did I. And here I am at your blog and I can already see that we are like-minded. I, too, love all things sailor-esque, and I am also having a hard time with this "self portrait" stuff. It's much easier to focus on my feet! :0) Glad I found you.

MommyMeagan said...

oh my goodness0 you are adorable AND your name is Megan (like me- but without the extra 'a') Love the nautical look and HELLO- FAB shoes. ;) Thanks for the inspiration. Popping over from the PLeated Poppy.

melody-mae said...

hi sweetie, i am here from pleated poppy and had to sigh and those amazing red shoes and you thrifted them??? JEALOUS!!! seriously darling!! and then i had to smile about hiding your pictures from hubbie because i am currently doing the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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