Hoo Are You??

I love owls... 
HOOOO wants to buy me these?? LOL

So I love this blog! I love linking up to it, too!!

1. What are your plans for Easter?
We are having a Good Friday service at my home church on Good Friday. Husband and I will be keeping the nursery! We are also providing an Easter Egg hunt to the community at my church. I’m excited about this outreach for our church and pray that we can connect with young families in the community… to see how we can serve them better. I will be at church from around 6:30{for a sunrise service} to around lunch time where we will have dinner with my family and exchange Easter gifts {usually small, fun, religious gifts}.

2. Do you die eggs for Easter?
I have great memories of dying eggs at my Granny and Pops house when I was little. My sister and I really enjoy dying eggs, and we did last year. Now that I don’t live at home, I’m unsure :(

3. What is your favorite Easter candy?
Cadberry Mini Eggs. To. Die. For.
i put a picture of the package on here so my husband
will have an easier time buying them for me.

4. Do you celebrate the make believe part of Easter and/or the
religious part?
I celebrated the make believe part as a child, but the meaning for Easter is resounding. It is the day that my savior rose! He conquered death for me so that I can spend eternity with him. I used to get wrapped up in “new easter dress this” and “new easter dress that.” Now I prepare spiritually for the day and praise Him for His strength and for saving me from the pits of hell.

5. What is your favorite part about the Easter holiday?
See above ;)


Ruthie said...

I absolutely love your answers! It sounds like you will be having a nice Easter! I hope you have a blessed one! :)

Ruthie @ Tattered Bliss

photos by moe said...

Yes, we will be dying easter eggs this year sister!! No doubt!! And those are my favorite candies too!!

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