My Dirty Microwave

The microwave is kind of a place that goes unnoticed in my house. The only time I notice it's dirty is when I'm putting something in/out of it. Which means I'm preparing a meal, which means I'm not thinking about cleaning. It's not like I randomly peek into my microwave just to make sure it's clean. Anywho, it get's pretty dirty. See...

Well, I knew those yuckies had been there for a while, and would be hard to get off. I decided to steam my microwave. I saturated a cloth diaper (what we use instead of paper towels) with water and sprayed it ten times with my organic disinfectant cleaner. Yes, I counted how many times I sprayed it.

I slapped it in the microwave for 3 minutes, grabbed it with another cloth so I wouldn't burn myself and went to town wiping her down. I still had to use a little elbow grease, but much less than anticipated :)

Just a little tiny cleaning tip from The Mrs!

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Sarah said...

Nice cleaning tip...thanks!

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