About me.
I love Jesus.
I'm a born again Christian.
My husband and I are madly in love. We've been married since November of 2010.

Our first born is Madison.
We love her tons. She makes our world go round and brightens our life with her smile. She is teaching us how to be "adults" and lots of responsibility. It's a hard lesson to learn, but hey, somebody's gotta do it!

I'm a quirky blonde with some crazy thoughts sometimes. I love crafting and making old things new again. I love creating and sewing, and I'm mostly inspired by you all. This blog has taken me on a great journey, and I've learned so much from networking with other bloggers. One of the features of my blog is Mommy Thoughts Thursdays. This is a place for this first time mommy-to-be to be completely candid with you all and ask some of the million questions floating around in this mind of mine. I've asked about cravings, nursery decor, baby wearing, bottles, diapers, birth plans, and so much more! Now that our Madison is here I am revisiting these posts and giving you my insight and thoughts from a motherly perspective. 

I also host iBelieve linky parties where I talk about my faith. The good, the bad, and the ugly.. My thoughts on prayer, family, girlfriends, etc. 

I've also been doing an amazing series on Birth Stories. Some amazing women have bared it all in order to encourage and uplift this mommy to be, and hopefully future mommies to be!

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