A little bit about our girl...

Our Madison is one of a kind.
She is beautiful and has such a beautiful olive complexion.
We still cannot decide what color her eyes are.
They change with the lighting.
Her hair is filling in on the top,
and falling out in the back.

Madison and mommy are figuring out this breastfeeding thing.
Especially now that my incision is completely healed.
She has a very hearty appetite,
and consumes about 4 oz at her last feeding.
Most nights Daddy and I are able to turn in at 11.
Then I get up with her once more.
Sometimes at 3:00, sometimes at 4:00, and sometimes at 5:00.

I broke my own rule a few times.
I put her in the bed with me for snuggles.
Only for about an hour or two...
So I can get a few more minutes of shut eye.

Madison has a phase each day were she's fussy and inconsolable.
It's unpredictable and heartbreaking.
It only lasts about two hours, but it's miserable.
She sleeps afterwards, and all is well.

Madison is having a hard time figuring out the pacifier.
She shakes her head, roots at it, but has difficulty holding on.
Once she gets it, sometimes she doesn't hold on to it.
She spits it out, and gets extremely mad.
She has 4 different types of pacifiers,
we haven't found one that works consistently.
If it were safe, I would totally create a pacifier headband...
that made it stay in her mouth.

Madison sneezes a lot.
She even fake sneezes, too.
I must get that on video!

She is often very alert during the day with one solid nap.
She smiles a good bit,
and loves to watch the TV.

Madison sleeps at night in her swing
with her mommy sounds bear, hot water bottle, and pacifier.

She loves being swaddled and cuddled,
and she loves her vibrating bouncy seat.

She went to church for the first time last Sunday.
She stayed close to mommy's chest in a baby sling.
She did very good and did not cry during the service.

Yesterday Madison went on her first shopping trip, too!

The first week of Madison's life was very hard for me.
I cried often, and mourned my life before her.
I suffered from what's called "Baby Blues,"

...more about that later, this is a positive post.

We're doing great, feeling good, and sleeping well!!


Heather @ It's A Long Story said...

You're doing such a great job Mama! There is nothing wrong with a little co-sleeping, especially if it lets you get some more rest. She probably won't be able to hold onto the paci by herself for a little while yet, don't stress! ; )

Ashley said...

aww... she is beautiful! I went through a few weeks of baby blues too. :( Hang in there.

Aleks said...

so exciting! shes gorgeous, and it sounds like you guys are getting in to the swing of the things pretty easily. awesome!

Mrs. Schafer said...

I had my baby ,River, on 4/12/12- so glad to hear that we are in the same boat. He has what we call his "witching- hour(s)" every day starting in the late evening. He loves his car seat and I often think about just letting him sleep in there after he has fussed & finally falls asleep- so I' m glad to hear Madison sleeps in a swing. No binky works either, but we still give it a try----sounds like we are on the right track!! Best of wishes!

Megan said...

She is gorgeous! I'm glad to hear things are going well.

Bettina said...

We all mourn the old life even when we know the new one is even better. I had the sads too. Eamon won't take a dummy either. I am trying to teach him but I think it is just a time thing. I am also trying to teach him how to take the bottle so i can express and leave him for a few hours. He screams but eventually gives in. Keep persisting. Ive thought of the headband for the pacifier thing too. If only...

Anonymous said...

You are doing such an amazing job! As your mommie, I am so proud of you as a mommie!It is the hardest but best job you will ever have!

Dearest Lou said...

She's gorgeous! I actually believe co-sleeping is a wonderful thing (: I was just looking through your posts and you had the cutest baby bump ever!


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