"snowed" in

RJ and myself are sitting here bored... NOT snowed in... and I decided to post a blog.

Here are a few random thoughts from us:

Megan: I love owls

RJ: I hate that I have to go to work in the morning!

Megan: I enjoyed the brownies RJ made me earlier!

RJ: Laila makes me crazy.

Megan: Our dog is an answered prayer, thank you very much.

RJ: Lose the attitude.

Megan: Lose your momma.

RJ: ...distracted.

Megan: I want theat green lamp i just saw on the TV.

RJ: You mispelled that.

Megan: You have to go to work tomorrow! Nanana boo boo!

RJ: :::kisses:::

Megan: Stop... You're tickling me!

RJ: Put that on there.

Megan: I will, just quit tickling me!!

RJ: This probably sounds really dirty.

Megan: Me too. Let's stop. 

Goodnight blogging world!


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