A Darling Rosette

So… My life is very crazy, but I had a really good weekend!
I was really busy with church & family stuff! I got the amazing opportunity to dance with two precious girls Sunday night at our church’s choir concert
{They’re twins, too}.
 I had a blast working with them. It taught me a lot of patience, but it was great!

Just so you know, keeping up style in the workplace is sometimes very hard. Professional women often get caught up in the
“boring slacks and boring shirt”
Well, I try very hard to remain stylish, yet professional. Here at the VA we have casual Fridays {which means kackis and a nice shirt}. Well, I got this darling clip on rose from my mother’s 31 gifts; you can see the catalog here. The rosette is on this page {29, item W, $3}. I clipped it to my belt and sported it with a simple green turtle neck and kahkis!

Poor quality :(
Taken on the celly

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