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My internship was technically not post graduation, but I thought that it might end up being my
big break.” 
I worked my tail off at Wilson Price while I was interning there. I did the typical business butt kissing, I stayed late, I worked overtime, and I said yes sir and yes ma’am. I did it all. My internship ended in the middle of February, but I was asked to stay. They wanted me to stay and help with some level one tax returns. At this point in my career, I hated tax. I had ruled it out of my future career opportunities, but I did the business woman thing and smiled. I stayed. I thought this was it! I thought they WANTED me! Well, the end of that stage came to an end on April 15th when they told me to go get my CPA and come back.

I was so disheartened. I worked so hard, but it did not matter. At this point in my life I was determined to get my MBA and my CPA, but God had other plans for me. I finished up that semester, graduated (on time) in May, and immediately enrolled in graduate classes. IMMEDIATELY. At this point I was still unemployed and losing hope exponentially upon every sunrise. I had the pressure from my family, to excel, but I put the most pressure on myself. I knew that in order to support my {future} family I had to have those initials after my name. In an act of desperation, I visited Mr. Barranco {one of the main shareholders} at Wilson Price to let him know that I was still available to hire. This discouraged me even more, he forgot we even had an appointment and had only a few minutes to talk to me {Now, Mr. Barranco is a great man, I look up to him immensely. He is just very busy, but he is great. I’d even say he was my mentor while at Wilson Price}.

Because the economy was so poor, I began searching for a job title that insults most people with a degree in accounting. Bookkeeper. Yupp, that’s right… I typed it in the search engine and began the processes that lead me to
Price Publications.
Price Publications publishes the Wetumpka Herald. Hm… I thought about it. I even thought about the possibility of publishing a few papers of mine, etc, etc. Well, I went into the interview having that gut feeling about the position… except for this was not a good gut feeling. I knew I should have gotten up and walked out of Kim Price’s office when the salary question came up. I told him my expected salary (which was a major cut for me). He chuckled under his breath and told me that I shouldn’t “over market myself.”
Big ‘ole crocodile tears welled up in my eyes.

He hurt my feelings so bad especially since I quoted half the salary I received at Wilson Price. I internally slapped myself in the face and told myself to get it together… “You’re a business woman,” I thought. The interview continued and he indirectly insulted me several more times with words like “babe,” “pup,” and “incompetent.” I left that office discouraged. I knew that he was going to hire me, but I knew that I would not be happy there. I knew I’d be miserable. He called that afternoon and I accepted the job with an insulting pay. My first day was
for the birds.
He brought me into the Monday morning staff meaning and made me introduce myself. Once I was finished he stared at me, and then nodded towards the door. No cordial Thank You or anything. Just a nod, like I was a peasant.  I assumed this was my cue to leave, so I returned to my “desk” to continue counting quarters. Yupp, I counted quarters. A ga-zillion. I have many terrible memories at Price Publications!  I began stressing out and freaking out everyday. I even stuck a tube of mascara in my desk because I was made to cry daily. I think it’s best I move on from this topic because I’m getting heated just thinking of how poorly I was treated, but Kim and I grew to dislike each other more and more each day. He blamed his mistakes on me constantly.  I must fill you in on the straw that broke the camels back, though… Kim (a man) had a knife in his hand one day. I have no idea why, but he did. A comment was made jokingly to Kim: “who are you going after with that knife, Kim?” His response rang across the newsroom. “You know if I was going after anyone, it’d be you, Megan.” I left that afternoon REFUSING to go back... The two most amazing men in my life were so fired up; my dad and RJ. RJ even wanted to call the sheriff. With the support from my family and fiancé , now husband, I wrote my resignation letter. Which you can see below:
Mr. Price,
I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to work at Price Publications, however, this is the end of the road for me here. I must do what is best for me and for my future family. I simply cannot deal with the child-like drama that occurs in your office daily. I am trained and educated based on a professional environment, and PPI certainly does not meet my professional standards. You did not provide me a proper job description and list of expectations until last week. My daily tasks were only revealed to me upon failure to complete them. You experienced heightened frustration and anger with me as a result of my lack of knowledge of PPI.
This first impression left you unapproachable. I often found myself very offended by your lack of professionalism; you send Christy to point out your employees mistakes (which were often your own). This lead to my lack of respect for you and your business “etiquette.” You did not trust me. I know this is true because you called Christy in to verify information from me on several occasions. Upon realization of your mistake, you never apologized to me for not believing me. Your demeanor is unacceptable. Your language is offensive and unsuitable for a professional environment. You should feel comfortable enough with your employees to be able to correct them yourself. It perturbs me having to hear what you want from the mouth Christy. Your employees will respect you more if you speak with them face to face. Despite the nature of the conversation yesterday, your comment about “killing me” and getting your “books straight” was very offensive. I have done all that I can to assist you, but I can no longer tolerate the attitude you have toward me nor the way you speak to me. Now, you get your own books straight.
Finally, concerning the topic of my last paycheck. My last paycheck of $xxx..47 for the period of September 01, 2010 to September 14, 2010 can be mailed to me at the address above (mailed on September 22, 2010). After this check, you will owe me for September 15, 2010 and September 16, 2010. This check, too can be mailed to the same address no later than October 06, 2010.
May this letter serve as my resignation, effective immediately.

I walked in Friday morning with this letter and letters to all the staff at Price Publications. I notified the youngest staff member remaining what I was doing, and asked her if she needed any reports or documents from me, packed up my desk, distributed all my letters, and walked out feeling as if
I lost 30 pounds.
This all happened around 9:00am. I stepped out on faith not knowing what was going to happened, but I cried out to the Lord daily while I was at Price Publications asking him to rescue me. I needed to get out. No one deserves a work place like that. That same Friday afternoon (September 17th)   the Lord provided. Hyundai called me and offered me a job. It was a temporary position, with even less pay, but it was NOT Price Publications. I rejoiced and accepted the job. I started the following Tuesday. So, after all of that, I was only out of work one day.

I need to add into this situation that I was STILL trying to plan our wedding, I was STILL trying to get my MBA at night, I was STILL engaged, and I was STILL trying to serve the students of Millbrook Baptist Church. I did not handle all of those responsibilities very well. I hated it. I hated my schedule. I hated that I had to pencil in my fiancé. One night the Lord spoke to me as clear as day. He told me that I was seeking the wrong things like the rich man in mark 10: 17.  He revealed to me that the stresses of my academia were driving a wedge in our relationship. I was not close to God. I did not have time for God. I did not have time for God’s people. I made the decision to
quit school.
My direction was different now; i wanted to {#1} serve the Lord, {#2} be a good wife, and then if it all worked out {#3} be a career woman. I wanted to serve alongside my husband. School did not allow me to do that; it only consumed my life. 
My career took an immediate 180.

So I quit. I got married, and continued working at Hyundai, a blessing from God. I was able to help keep our bills paid and able to afford a wonderful honeymoon. I am so blessed to have worked with the wonderful people of Hyundai. With the Christmas shutdown came the end of my contract. Hyundai promised me that they would renew my contract after the holidays, but they did not contact me until the 19th of January. Two days before I had an interview with the Veteran’s Affairs with an accounting job. You see I never gave up on the state. All along I felt like that’s where I would be; it just took perseverance. I told the lady who called me from Hyundai that I had an interview with the State in two days, but I accepted the contract anyway. We did not tell management about the interview for a very good reason.  This contract was until April 20th. Hyundai hoped to hire me on full time, but could not make any guarantees, nor did they prove themselves timely. I decided that I could not deal with the contract position they were offering to renew every few months.  I needed commitment.

The 21st came, and I rocked my interview. When I say I rocked it… I mean I did really well. The Lord gave me the words to say, calmed my fears, and allowed me to shine!  They told me to expect a second interview and possibly a third interview, but they hoped to have the position filled by February 16th. I restarted work at Hyundai the following Monday. What did I learn? Human Resources is not for me.

I had a second interview on Monday the 31st of January.
It was awful;
the retired Navy Admiral intimidated the poop out of me {not literally}, and I answered the questions poorly. I beat myself up on the way home. I told myself I’d ruined this chance for my family, I was never going to amount to anything, you just thought this was God’s plan, you’re so confused, etc., etc. Well, that’s what Satan will do to you when you allow him to control your thoughts.  An hour or so later I was washing dishes, and Mike Northcutt from Veterans Affairs called me. I knew he was calling to tell me that they selected the other candidate. He asked
Do you want a job?”
I forced back tears as we discussed the logistics of my employment. As soon as we hung up, I fell on my face, LITERALLY, praising the Lord. I cried and could barely utter my thank you lords, but I lay on my face outside my bedroom for a good ten minutes crying and praising the lord. I then decided that RJ was going to be the first person to tell, but that I wanted to do it face to face. My facebook was blowing up with people asking about my interview. It was so hard not to tell them. RJ finally got home around 5:15 and I ran to him, leapt onto him, and said repeatedly, “I got the job; I got the job…!!” First of all, you know I was excited because big girls don’t LEAP onto ANYBODY, much less their slim husbands!  Second, I just didn’t know what to say, neither did RJ. We just stood there in aw of our Lord.  We cried together, ate dinner, and I then got to deliver the good news to my family!

Special thanks to Mrs. Donna Jones who put in a good word for me!

The Lord has taught me that Megan does not provide for the family, He does. He will provide; and boy did He!

I start February 16th.
My management team at Hyundai was very excited for me, and they allowed me to work until february eleventh!

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Sandie said...

WOW!!! Praise God for all He is and does for us ~especially when we let Him! Your post really speaks to me with goings-on in my life, past and present. Thanks for letting God minister to me through you! I love you, girl! (And am VERY proud of you!)

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