3 Months at my big girl job!

Today marks the three month anniversary of my new job!
In lieu of my celebration, I’m going to give you guys 20 reasons why I love my job!
  1. God gave it to me.
  2. It pays my bills.
  3. I work with great people.
  4. My supervisor is a very Godly lady.
  5. My supervisor’s supervisor is a very Godly woman.
  6. The accounting ladies are so smart, and I’ve already learned so much from them.
  7. I’m always encouraged!
  8. I get breaks that I use to walk and get a little bit of exercise.
  9. I’m encouraged to get away from my desk and relax a little.
  10. I was able to make up a lot of time when I had the flu.
  11. I am actually putting my degree to work and doing accounting work.
  12. For the most part, it’s really laid back!
  13. There is little to no drama…. Wow… so glad to be away from that.
  14. I have an office.
  15. I have three windows in my office
  16. I have great benefits, insurance, and holidays!
  17. My commute was cut in half from my previous job.
  18. I have access to a great parking deck.
  19. I can get home in 15 minutes.
  20. Did I mention it pays the bills?

I’m so grateful to work for the VA. I love knowing that I’m a small part of the process that helps our government give back to the ones who have served our country. I enjoy knowing that the people that help our veteran’s are getting paid. I get to witness the processes {and help slightly} with a new home that is being built in Pell City. Not to mention, we are in the early stages of constructing a cemetary for Alabama’s Veterans. Isn’t that exciting? My grandfather served our country in the Navy for over 25 years. Working here is very special to me!

the new home in construction
the builing that holds our office
in our courtyard
Bill Nichols Stat Veterans home, Alexander City

cadets visit veteran at Floyd E "Tut"Fann State Veterans Home,  Huntsville
William F. Green State Veterans Home, Bay Minette

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Keri said...

You may get to work with my Dad's stuff one day... :) Hooray for great jobs!

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