Weiner Weiner Chicken Dinner

We haves us a weiner!!!!!!
...and guess what? 
It's her birfday too!

Go shawty isshur birfday!
She just happens to be one of my bestest frannns too ;)

I promise this wasn't fixed!
In fact, when it generated her number... I was like... "Oh my, people are gonna think I cheated!"

Congrats Rachel!
Email me... {or text me} which pitcha you want with you snail mail addy!
She has a blog too, here!


... RacheL ... said...

Hey... That's me!!! I'm at work so I can't access e-mail but I'll e-mail you later. :) I feel so special. But WHY did you link my horrible blog to this?! lol Mine is junk compared to yours. :)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Haha thanks for your comment on my blog! If you were serious I'd love to sell it to ya :) I've been meaning to make more to put into my etsy shop but I've been lazy haha. What does your husband play?

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