Get this PhotoBook for FREE!!!

Have you heard of
I’m totally addicted. It’s one of  those million deal sites.
But this one is different. I’ve not spent ANY money yet.

I got JamBerry nails for FREE
I got a Fuzion Power Band for FREE
I got a Bobble for FREE.
 I am waiting on this gem to arrive... you guessed it: FREE
Yeah, you need to go sign up now.

You get a $10 credit for signing up, and most of their deals are for under $10. Most people give up when they ask for your Credit Card informaiton, but this site is secure && legit

Also, if you refer a friend you get a $10 credit.
If that friend buys something you get a $10 credit.
They have games where you can receive credits.
I got $20 the other day.

Today, they have a PhotoBin Special for $8, but if you are a new registrant, you can get it for FREE with your $10 sign up credit. 
[it's digitally printed pages, not the old-school style where you insert your print outs]

I'm thinking CHRISTMAS!!! 

These pictures are from the PhotoBin website, where you will enter your coupon code that you "purchase":

Please know that i'd love to get credit for you signing up, but I'm seriously posting this to share this great news! I love my bloggers, and i'm very frugal... and I want all of you to be frugal too :)

So what are you waiting for?
save more daily has no idea who i am.
psht... i wish they'd compensate me for this post.


Natassia said...

I will do it!! Looks really cool! Thanks!!
Not sure how to get you the credit...?

Mark Brown said...

We are ready to.

Please contact us to become an affiliate.


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