iBelieve: Prayer

I believe that Prayer is key.

It is crucial to my well being.

Prayer is my means of communication to God.
Prayer is my way of listening to the Lord speaking.

Prayer helps me feel forgiven.

iBelieve that the Holy Spirit intercedes my prayers and that He interprets what my heart is saying to God.

Sometimes I don’t know how to pray; I just don’t know what to say, but I know that the I want the Lord’s will to be done. I find peace in Romans 8: 26-28 knowing that the Holy Spirit interceds for me according to the will of God.

Romans 8:
26 Likewise the Spirit also
helps in our weaknesses. For we
do not know what we should
pray for as we ought, but the
Spirit Himself makes intercession
for us with groanings which
cannot be uttered. 27 Now He who
searches the hearts knows
what the mind of the Spirit is, 
because He makes intercession
for the saints according to the will of God. 

28 And we know that all things
work together for good to those
who love God, to those who are
the called according to 
His purpose.

I feel that we should pray over everything. EVERYTHING.

The Lord wants to know our inner-most thoughts and even the things we just think about in passing. He is interested {and in control of} every little detail of our life. 

My mom told me this once when I was younger and going through some tough and trying times that “The Lord even knows the name of your future puppy.” He’s interested in that kind of stuff, but He wants more than just puppy’s name type stuff. He wants to know our dreams, desires, goals, fears, doubts, insecurities. He wants us to be honest with him.

Now, to be honest…

I don’t pray enough. 
In fact, I don’t think anyone prays enough.

Here I am writing about prayer, and well, I’ve got this big ole plank in my eye.I’ve been neglecting my first love. Jesus.

I rarely talk to Him about the big things in my life. 

Yesterday I thanked Him for blessing me with a good parking place. Psh… I felt a pit in my heart. A parking place? What about my job? What about my husband? What about my health? What about the gorgeous day? Why haven’t I thanked him today for those things? Truth is… I’m sliding. I’m sliding backwards in my prayer life.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I prayed. I prayed over every single thing that popped in my head. Everything. Even for my puppies. I prayed for someone random who popped into my head that apparently needed some prayer. I prayed for loved ones. I prayed for those who were sick. I prayed for my preacher. I laid my hands on my husband and prayed for him.
Then I stopped. I listened.

“It’s good to hear from you, daughter. I’ve missed you. Let me hold you and comfort you for a little while.”

I began to cry… and pray… and sing praises. It was a really great worship service, I tell ya.
Today, I feel good..
Today, I feel God.
It's a direct result of communing with Him

I’ve missed Him.
He’s missed me.

I’m coming back to you, Jesus. Forgive your child for being… dumb?
I love you Jesus. Use me.

“I am an arrow, I am a rocket
I am a river and nothing can stop it
Cause You are the target and You are the atmosphere
You are the ocean that keeps pulling me, You're pulling me here

And I, can't get away, can't get away
Can't get away, can't get away
I can't get away, can't get away...I keep running into You
-Rush of Fools, Can’t Get Away

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MELANIE said...

Beautiful post Megan...Im speechless!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this! It's always nice to have an excuse to talk about my faith...even if no one wants to hear it. :0) I read your comment on my blog. I would love to guest post sometime...maybe we could switch sometime!

Sandie said...


Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack said...

ps- I have now been listening to this song all morning :)

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