Times Ten Million Trillion Kajillion

I feel this way times 
ten million 
Hubs has been gone this week... and it's been a very stressful one at work.
and my house is a mess.
My emotions are a mess.
I'm so incomplete without him.
He's coming home tomorrow.
But yeah... this week's been ruff...

Check this archived post from my Confessions:

So for the past two Thursdays I've had a confessional time. 
Well, my confession today is that I cried. 
My husband will be leaving Saturday.

No big deal, right?

He will be gone for a week.
He's not going on some random trip.
He's going on a mission trip with our church.
He will be doing God's work; 
which is way more important that a week with little ole me.
I got to thinking today about how quiet it 
will be around the house without him here.
I got to thinking about how a week will 
go by without him praying over me while 
I sleep.... and how I won't get to pray over 
him in the mornings while he sleeps later than me.

A week will pass and
I won't get to brush his cheek,
kiss his lips,
or hold his hand.

This made me cry. Not just cry... blubber like a baby. You see, the hubs and I have not been seperate for more than 12 hrs since we were married. This week I had the flu, so we slept in seperate rooms.

{Which also made me cry. }

I know that I'm being silly. There are those of you out there who will have to miss husbands for months.

Well, guess what? You are stronger than me. 

I could never do it. 

I couldn't say goodbye to my husband and send him to another country. Like I said, you are stronger than me; that's why I didn't sign up for that wifely duty. Though... it will be nice to have one agenda again. It will be nice to "cook" for one. It will be nice to not have toothpaste spit in my sink for a week. I will enjoy staying up as late as I want, and watching hours of HGTV.

Trust me, I'd rather have him here.

...and I know there are some of you out there who would die to have a week without your husband; that's really sad. This love that I have {some call it newlywed love}, I hope it never fades away. I hope that I always miss my husband while we are away at work. I hope that the brightest part of my day is always laying down with my husband in the evenings.

Tears. Tears over a week

see how cute he is?


Lacey said...

You guys are so lucky to have each other. I'm glad he will be back soon :)

Jenna said...

He's back now right? I totally know how you feel/felt though. I HATE it when Josh is gone. It's the worst.

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