Weekend Recap: Father's Day

Ladies and Gentlemen…
I don’t really think many dudes read my blog, but anyways…

I’m back.
I’m back.
I’m back.

And guess what? I’m not going anywhere for at least… well… looks at calendar… one weekend! That’s a feat, huh? Me and the hubby are stationary for at least two weeks! We may travel a little fourth of July weekend, but who knows.

I had a splendid weekend!

I finally got my hubby back and it was so amazing!
Though my loving and adorable sister spent pretty much every night with me, it was nice to finally get some solid sleep.

You see, I have this trick.
My hubby doesn’t really like to snuggle while he is trying to sleep… He gets hot, and.. blah blah blah. But, me? I’m a snuggle monster. I could snuggle all the time. {I was rocked to sleep til I was 5 years old. Then me and my sister chose to share a twin size bed til… well… a long time. I blame my parents.}

Well, we sleep in a King size bed cuz hubs is 6’3’’. He simply can’t fit in anything else.

Through the night I naturally end up far far away from him. Sad day.
So…. I make a fort. I stack up pillows on my half of the bed, which forces me to stay in the middle…. Hence, closer to my hubby ;)

So… yeah. I got lots of good sleep snuggled up next to him.

Not sure why I ranted on about that, I’m supposed to be telling you about my weekend.

We travelled to Mobile, Alabama to see RJ’s Poppa for father’s day and to be with RJ’s dad who was travelling, too. We got to ride down with RJ’s immediate family and spend some good quality time with everyone. It was great to see such a fun legacy of Volnoffs. Poppa has this great legacy of tradition. Not just particular traditions, but just tradition in itself. We joke about it, a lot. If we do something more than once we label it “tradition.” This was handed down to my Popsicile-in-law, RJ’s dad, and he instilled a sense of traditon in his children. It’s quite fun to be honest. Some of its silly and fun, some of it is serious, and all of it touches my heart. For example… There is this one exit that you HAVE  to stop and eat at on the way to Mobile. They do it every time because it is “tradition.” I love it. My most favorite “traditions” are the Christmas traditions that the Volnoffs have handed down.

It was great to celebrate Poppa, Popsicle, and Volnoff family traditions.

I got to see my sister friend, too ;)

One of the highlights was getting to watch my sweet hubby
Gently play basketball with his cousins. Including his “I can do anything my big brothers do” little cousin, Elizabeth. It warmed my heart to watch him be so gentle with her, watch out for her, and encourage her to play.

On Sunday, we had the privelage of going to church with the family and hearing a great sermon about waiting. Goodness gracious was it inspiring and encouraging. The thing that sticked out most was the quote “Waiting is not to be confused with Delaying.” Think about it.

The fam headed home in enough time to make back to our home church.

Husband had to report back to the church and share with them his experiences from last week. He touched my heart to the point of tears. I’m so proud to have such a Godly husband who cares so much for our young people. He told stories from the week and challenged the church to love on and care for our youth group on a much deeper level.

I was also proud of two of my ACTeen girls who shared how important it was for them to serve this past week and draw closer to God. One actually shared a desire to serve in Africa and that the Lord is calling her to missions.

How was your weekend?
What did you do for the fathers in your life?


Aleks said...

your posts are always so amazing!

RJ said...

I love you megan volnoff! ;) see I do read your blogs! ;)

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