One Day: I'm gonna have a farm. {iBelieve link up}

One day i'm going to rescue tons and tons of animals.
They are all going to love me and snuggle with me.
All of my animals will love each other and frolic in pastures.
Kitties will be friends with bunnies.
Cows will be friends with puppies.

One day, I'm gonna have a farm.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

and i'll def have one of these and her name will be Rita.


and one of these named peter...

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

and then our fenway 
will be grown and look like this...
Source: via Evey on Pinterest

and do lots of this...
Source: via Tagsmith on Pinterest

and have space to do this...
Source: via Karin on Pinterest

and we'll have one of these....
Source: via Shelly on Pinterest

and maybe even have one of these....
Source: via Tonya on Pinterest

iBelieve that dreams come true.
iBelieve that hoping for a blessed future is profitable.
iBelieve that setting goals is healthy.
iBelieve that realizing God's plan is perfect is essential.
iBelieve that his dreams for me are better than my best dreams for me.
iBelieve  that He has a plan for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us.
iBelieve  that my dream  has already come true.
iBelieve that the Lord has sent me my prince charming.
iBelieve  that i'm more than satisfied with the life i have now.
iBelieve  that the Lord is watching my every step.
iBelieve  that dreams come true. 

btw... i'm too cheap to pay for the 
linky tool where you get thumbnails.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

pigs are my favorite and that picture is adorable! I had no clue they could SWIM! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow,I will take one of each of those animals as well, please! :0)

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