Mommy Thoughts Thursday {I could eat a horse}

Welcome to the 1st edition of.....

 This is a place where I am free to talk about and discuss
those crazy things that plague pregnant brains. 

You know, all those concerns about being 
Pregnant or a New Mommy.

As I type this I am 14 weeks and 3 days into this
pregnancy. For some reason I can relate to
months much easier so I say 3.5 months. It helps
my regressing brain! 

Right now I am experiencing extreme 
hunger. I want to eat everything in sight.  
I mean hubs and I have to be careful what 
shows we watch and what commercials 
appear on the TV so that I don’t get an 
awful craving at 9 or 10pm! You even 
mention a steak…
I’m starving immediately.

From what I hear and read…
This is totally normal. I realize that I must maintain
a nutritious diet in order to support my growing
nugget, but I could eat the key board
sitting in front of me.

I try to munch on fruits and veggies 
whenever possible, but sometimes I just 
want a Cookie Dough Blizzard from DQ.

I immediately think of 90 calorie
Candies and such… Not good when I
Eat the whole box in one sitting.
(this hasn’t happened, yet)

What did you do during this stage?

What are some really good snacks
that I can have handy?

What are some snacks that make
You think you are being naughty,
But really these treats are nice.
Do those even exist?

How did you
curb this extreme

This cannot happen successfully
without your help. I need your feedback.
I want your opinions. They do not have to
be of a certain demographic, opinion, or
even faith. I want to know what worked best
for you, and what you wished
you’d never done.


Jennifer Burke said...

Don't eat the keyboard, I hear they have an AWEFUL after taste :) I never actually had cravings except for cereal. So I got a "healthy" cereal and ate that every time I felt the need to have something sweet. I probably ate cereal 5 times a day plus my meals. Also just eat smaller portions more often, because you will be hungry All day EVERY day till birth. This way you can crave your appetite and still be healthy :) good luck and congrats, I'm so happy for you :)

JilliCres said...

I haven't had cravings too much, although I do like the occasional milkshake :)When I was in Troy, I wanted Buffalos ALL THE TIME and still miss it dearly. What about a compromise such as chocolate covered strawberries? Or if it's a meat or carb, eat something healthy with it, like your greens.

The Kramer Family said...

I don't really remembering craving much. I was so sick with both pregnancies it wasn't until like the 6 or 7 month that I didn't get sick all the time. I did eat lots of cereal. With my second pregnancy I wanted Texas Roadhouse rolls and butter but my husband has food allergies and we couldn't eat there. Good luck! :)

Lacey said...

I love your new banner! I'm not a mommy so IDK about those cravings but as far as healthy snacks almonds are really healthy so maybe you could "indulge" with dark chocolate covered almonds?

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

okay girl... i agree don't eat the keyboard, but other than that.. eat what you want right now! Soon you won;t want to eat anything again. I have no snack advice I ate boxes of little debbies! LOL..

Aimee Steckowski said...

first off - love the new header & the "obaby" addition to the nav bar!! okay..

so snacking... with both pregnancies i craved salty carbs which is weird because i am pretty much anti-carb {except for betty crocker brownies}... so, i would buy 1 bag of salt & pepper potato chips each week and that was my limit.. when they were gone, they were gone! i continued to run, hit the gym and was very healthy for my whole pregnancy with jack... with abby, oh boy. i was sick for 26 weeks straight.. yes, every day my food came up, every day smells of food made me sick. i didn't eat any fruits or veggies except for a whole watermelon every couple days. i was literally eating carbs and plain yogurt and watermelon and lost about 20 pounds... this is not ideal and was so terrible i will never get pregnant again {God willing}.

so, my recommendation is enjoy your cravings in moderation. if you're craving a snickers, go to the store and buy a regular size one and enjoy it. if you want a milkshake, get a small and enjoy it... just like you would if you weren't pregnant. be selective as much as you can but don't push back all cravings.. because we all know it will backfire. okay, off to make brownies! :) :)

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

You are so cute! And I must mention how much I LOVE your header!! Its been a while since ive been able to read my fav blogs.. so its new to me.. but not sure when you changed it. lol

Anyways.. to be honest, I never got the cravings and hunger like this during my pregnancies! I actually lost my appetite and even lost weight at times. :(
But when trying to eat Healthy while craving a sweet treat, I ate yogurt! Only I would freeze it, just long enough to make it the consistency of ice cream... and it was sooo much better like that! And kind of "fooled" my stomach into thinking I was eating ice cream, but was eating something healthy. :)
I also like to make fruit smoothies.. those are very filling and healthy too! :)

I liked the tip someone gave about dark chocolate covered almonds! Those are SOOO yummy!!

Brittany Lynn said...

Every pregnancy is different. My mom was sick the WHOLE nine months. Vomiting constantly with all four of us kids. For me, if I didn't eat the MINUTE I was hungry during the first 1 1/2 trimesters, I would be sick. It was important to me to carry snacks in my purse at all times.

It was really easy for me to get addicted to candy - one time, Tyler and I went to Costco, and I saw some Fruit By The Foot and it sounded SO GOOD. So Tyler bought a box that had like 48 FBTF in it or something. In two days, they were ALL gone. I just couldn't help myself. I just HAD to eat them. And when they were gone, I was miserable. I had heart burn, I felt sick, and to this day I really don't ever want a fruit snack or any variation of it ever again. But - I realized what my body really wanted - oranges. Sometimes you'll crave junk because it has a flavor you are familiar with, and then you'll have to find what it is your body is REALLY saying you want. For me, the fruity candy was my body's way of saying, "HEY! Get me an orange! NOW!" And so we bought a bunch of oranges and I ate like 2 a night for the rest of my pregnancy. Still love me some oranges. Take note of those things you are craving (especially if they are candy or junk food) and try to figure out what you are REALLY craving. But junk is okay every once in a while. :]

This time around, I haven't really had any outrageous cravings yet, and I haven't felt sick if I don't eat immediately. I've tried to be more healthy this time than last time - especially because unlike last time, I am aware that when you are pregnant you really only need an extra 200-300 calories per day! Last time I ate everything in sight just because I could. This time, I'm trying to find foods that fill me up more and are healthier. Sure, I still get the munchies every two hours....but I'll eat an apple or have some club crackers, instead of gorging myself on snickers bars. :]

Although this morning Jack and I shared a donut and I have absolutely no guilt. I'll just be extra good the rest of the day. :]

Flutterby Kisses said...

I have had 7, and no morning sickness, no real cravings.. until the night before I go into labor.. McDonalds fries and their soft server ice cream... yes.. at the same time :-D .. but what my doctor told me is: If you crave a healthy food.. eat it.. if you feel sick at the smell or thought of one.. find an alternative with the same nutritional value.. The one thing I couldn't do with my last pregnancy was touch or cut up raw meat to prepare it, but my hubby was great, he prepped the meat in the mornings before work so all I had to do was close my eyes and get the tray from the fridge to the oven for supper.. lol
And don't feel guilty if you seem to gain more weight or not as much weight as other people.. everyone is different and as long as your baby is healthy and you are healthy then weight is just a number :-) .. now.. if only I could have not eaten EVERYTHING in site with the last 4 pregnancies.. I might not need to lost 40 more lbs!!!

Aleks said...

My boss craved peanutbutter with her last kidd so we whipped us some peanut butter and honey together and a seperated it into small bowls with lids (for dipping) so when she got a craving she could cut up an apple and dip it, or grab a few graham crackers and dip them. or if she really got a craving she would just eat it with a spoon. you can also add just a little nutella to add a sweet chocolatey taste without going calorie overboard. its a pretty delicious treat.

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