A Name for Nugget {and a winner}

Have you noticed the poll over there ------>


Well we love Madison as our little nugget's 
(nuh-gette: female nugget)
name. In fact, husband told me before he even
proposed that his little girl was going to be 
named Madison. I kind of married into this
name, but I love it. Madison is perfect. 

Our middle name options, have expanded slightly.

The ones on the poll are 

My maiden name. Growing up I was never
"Megan" I was always "MeganWynn." One word.
No breath. No pause. Nothing. MeganWynn.
Most people (who know me at all) to this day,
including my husband, call me MeganWynn.
It's a pretty  important name to me. It's my 
families name, and I'm proud of it. 
A totally random name we both like.
This is my granny's name. 
Jewell Anette, actually.
It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of 
Grace is "favorblessing". This little angel
is certainly a blessing, as with all others.

We've added to the list...

Randomly thought it might be cute
My sister's middle name. My best friend's
middle name (same person). You see,
my middle name is Elizabeth just like my mom's
sister. How cool would it be to carry that on?
My sister is (aside from my husband) my
most favorite person in the whole wide world.
Not only is it my sister's name but it means 
Christmas. How cool?

So go on... Take a little 
votey mc votester.
Already voted? It's ok... 
vote again... and let me
know you did!
p.s. we have a winner.
congrats nora! email
me at megan.volnoff@gmail.com


BodaciousDreams said...

It is TOO funny that you say everyone calls you MEGAN WYNN...one word no breath..bc thats EXACTLY what I say. then I say (outloud EVERY time) wait...she's not Megan Wynn anymore but its a hard habit to break!!

PS -I voted! (more than once)

Jenna said...

I voted again! For Madison Wynn again. Because I love the story of your name. :)

Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack said...

I voted too and still love Megan Wynn! :)

Nora said...

I voted for madison wynn, I think its special and unique:) Thanks for the giveaway I'm excited to have a new signature and another facicon!:) Thanks so much.

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