I'm a wreck!

I am not “put together.”

Most days, I’m lucky to get out of the house with clothes on, much less looking stylish.

Most mornings I wake up later than I should. I run around like a mad woman dodging piles of clothes, squeaky toys, and misplaced dining room chairs.

I don’t plan my outfits.

I slap on minimal makeup.

My hair isn't always clean, and usually it’s simply tamed with a little hair spray.

Sometimes I forget to put on my deodorant.

Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth.

Today my bra doesn't fit. I decided to “try on” a new one amidst the morning rush. It “fit,” but now it’s agitating me so bad.

My pants have a hole near the zipper. Good thing I’m wearing a long sweater.

My baby was out of diapers this morning and I didn't realize it.

My craft room is not put back together from the leak we had fixed weeks ago.

My utility room is like a stress ball. It may give me an ulcer.

The list goes on.
Will ever “get it together?”


Sarah Beth said...

I swear. We could write each other's blog posts. We are the SAME PERSON! I am the exact same way.

Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

I love you, Megan :)

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