Silver Turtles: An easy summer meal!

My family has adopted this really fun grilling recipe that I have stolen from an ex boyfriend. I'm going to claim it as my own, though. This recipe originated as a horse ranch campfire meal and has evolved into a backyard grill out meal.

We love it! It is so easy, and clean up is pretty much a breeze. Not to mention the deliciousness of it all!

You can use any veggies you like. Our veggies of choice include 
(some, not all, and any combination in between)

Bell Peppers

To prep, you dice, slice, peel, and prep all your vegetables and set them up buffet style for all your guests to add to their silver turtle. I divi up the meat onto aluminum foil for everyone and let each person to choose their own.

Your guests create their own silver turtle with the combination of their favorite veggies. There is no science to it at all, you just pile it on!

This creation is called "silver turtle" for a reason. The intention is to make a shape of an animal of your choice so that you can easily identify your silver turtle in the campfire. Well, my family is super sophisticated (ahem, lazy) so we just fold them up and write our names on the bottom. When the kids get older, I imagine we will be more kid friendly and make fun shapes! 
Husband chose to identify mine for me this Mother's Day!

Place your Silver Turtle on the grill for about twenty to thirty minutes. 
The grease from the meat flavors and cooks the veggies to a superb grilled perfection. My favorite part is the charred vegetables  You can add BBQ sauce, steak sauce, or sprinkle some salt. You can also add the flavor before you grill. My family does both!

Talk about delicious? Yes. This is the best summer grillin' meal you've ever tasted!

I guess ex boyfriends are good for something!

My seconds ;)

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Gabby said...

Yum!! I grew up eating these. So yummy!

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