Sweet Summertime (15 Month Update)

My sweet girl is growing so fast. I fall more and more in love with her everyday. I know that all moms love their children, but for me to say I'm falling in love with her more and more triggers something deeper. Something more gratifying. There was once a time when I didn't know if I loved her. I didn't know if I even really liked her.

Now, she smiles at me, she kisses me, she hugs me. I love her love, and I love our relationship.
Madison is so much fun. She babbles constantly, but some of her favorite words are Dada, Hey, Dog, This, Bath, Uh oh, and go. Her favorite toys right now are a stuffed "cat cat" as she calls it, a little lap top, and anything that resembles a "daw dawg."

She has five teeth and still eats like a champ. She has only refused watermelon up until this day. She eats anything, seriously. She plays well on her own, and loves her bath time.

This girl is crazy in love with her dada.

She points to everything and can point to friends and family when asked "where's so and so?" She can identify her favorite characters of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Madison has taken 16 steps at once and is pretty much walking all over our living room. She is still unsure about her balance, but will be consistently walking soon.

We spent some time out in her new little pool this weekend, and she had a blast!
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Gabby said...

So sweet! My youngest is 11 months (sigh). It goes by too fast and since he is my third, it has gone by even faster than ever before.

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