Justification for No Double Envelopes

As you may know, weddings are quite expensive. One way I have decided to cut back on costs is with the invitations. It is certainly an important aspect of the ceremony because it sets the tone for the occasion. I have decided to use an eco-friendly company and cut back on costs by only using one envelope. I was really worried about this because of the senior adults who might get offended by my "lack of etiquette." One of the blogs I follow posted on this matter... and it made me feel much better to learn the reasoning of the double envelopes and how irrelevant it is to this century. It has made me feel at peace about a tiny detail. I have posted the link below. Check it out....

Ditching the Double Envelopes

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Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

invitations come in two envelopes??? that's weird. obviously I havn't been invited to many haha. I'll be the first of my friends !!

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