Vibrams: Mile One

Well... I ran my first mile in my new Vibrams. I can definitely tell the difference. I felt very free and childlike. This new barefoot technology works the muscles in a completely different way.
I'm sure i'll be very sore in the morning because of the newfound muscles, but this could be my solution to the arthritic pain in my legs that keeps me from exercising.

I'm excited for my VFF journey.

Next Day Follow Up:
My legs are very sore, but it feels wonderful! If you are an adrenaline and lactic acid junkie like myself (even if you cannot tell from my "fluff"), you would love this feeling. It is not an "oh, i'm so out of shape and i cannot move" type of sore. It is more an "OH that feels awesome, I want to go run someMORE!" My quads, inner thighs, abs, and back muscles were worked from my run, which is very hard to achieve, and I did it with no effort. These shoes are great.
 I cannot wait for my next mile!

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Aimee from said...

i LOVE my Vibram sprints. i only run about 2 miles a day in them - 1 mile to the gym & 1 mile home. i think the years of running and sports have killed my legs and i really need more support when running longer distances ---- but i LOVE LOVE LOVE them inside the gym & on the mega-stair climber!!! :) :)

still love yours?

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