Mommy Thoughts Thursday {THE BIG E}

This week’s question is about "The Big E.”

That’s right, the epidural. That big needle that allows you to feel no pain.

I’m against having an epidural for personal reasons. I plan on having a natural hospital birth with as little medication as possible. Being completely unmedicated would be my goal, but I do realize that my baby’s safety is most important and emergencies do happen. 

I've read this book twice, and plan on reading it again. I'm also considering asking those who will be in the delivery room with me to read it also because it has vital information for those who will be supporting me through the laboring process.

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{please do not scrutinize my decision to have a natural birth. you won't convince me otherwise...  i just want to hear about YOUR experience}
Did you have an epidural? If so what was your experience like? Blissful? Did you have a headache afterwards? 

What about those of you who didn’t have the anesthesia? What were some of the pain management techniques you used? Did you even have a choice?

I want honesty. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Ashley said...

Stopping by from the blog hop! I had epidurals with both my children. I had planned on not with my first born but after spending five weeks in the hospital on bedrest and 36 hours in labor after being induced (medically necessary due to infection) I gave in and had one. I was beyond tired and had developed an infection and desperately needed some rest and strength if I wanted to push him out. okay... so kind of a long comment. With that said, though I am so glad I did. It gave my body the rest it needed and I progressed so much faster and was able to push him out.

new follower from the hop!

BodaciousDreams said...

I had to have a C-Section..I was on bedrest for about 3 weeks before the doctors gave us no choice but to have the C Section. My blood pressure was high my entire pregnancy & it got to where it was risking BOTH of our health. I didnt have an epidural but I had a spinal block..but I didnt feel a thing. They even missed the first time & had to do it twice and I felt NOTHING at all. maybe it was because I was FREAKING out. I will say Preston's birth was the best and worst day of my life...EVER. I never went into labor or experience contractions so I dont know about any of that. I was totally planning on having a natural birth too. My mom had both of us natural. But it doesnt always work out that way. It's good to know EVERY option because baby girl may not want to come out when it is time. :)

Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack said...

First off YOU GO GIRL!! If I had to do it all over again I wish I would have been able to try a natural birth. I have aunts that have done it and they both have 3-4 kids and say it was worth it!
Now for my story- its not so pretty. My little guy was a week and half late so they induced me (HORRIBLE idea!) I was in the hospital for 32 hours. I can't remember when they gave me the epidural, but after being there for a while and them checking his progress, they wanted to break my water and had to give me my epidural first... My epidural hurt, only really worked on one side, I could still somewhat move my legs. I think I received 3 doses or whatever because mine kept wearing off. Then it just stopped working, I could feel everything and after 31 hours I couldn't take much more. The doctor told me I finally reached 10 and could start pushing to try and get him to lower but I would probably push 3 hours (without meds) and he may still not fit. So an hour later I was having a c-section and out he came.
My point - I hated my epidural and wish I could have gone in labor on my own (no induction) and no epidural.
God made our bodies able to handle natural births and even though I was too afraid to try, I so wish I had.
Good luck!! Tip- learn how to relax your whole body through breathing or whatever works for you. Have your husband learn too so you are both relaxed. That was the advice my aunt had given me when I asked her about it.

Lacee said...

Hi Megan! New follower from the blog hop! Thank you so much for joining us :) Hope you have a great day!

Life with the Lynch's said...

I wasn't set on having an epidural or not having one. I researched both options, but never set my mind on one or the other. The day Jackson was born, I went in for my weekly doctor appointment at 9am. When she did the exam, she didn't feel a head. I was sent to the ultrasound tech in the next room only to discover that he was breech. I had high fluid levels so he pretty much was swimming around like he was in a pool my whole pregnancy. They scheduled me to go to the hospital at 5pm to have them try and flip him around. They tried for 45 minutes & he wouldn't move. Everyone told me that procedure was worse than birth, but there was no pain whatsoever. They told me then & there that I would have to have a C-section that night. I was shocked. Jackson was born at 7:34pm that night. I had a spinal block and didn't feel a thing. My recovery was a breeze. I was out of the hospital in 46 hours start to finish. I was shopping a few days after. I pray that your delivery is exactly what you want, but research every "plan".

Christina said...

I had to have an epidural injection for back problems, not pregnancy/labor, but I know that I'll never have one again. For me, the injection itself was painful enough to reduce me to tears, and I ended up having to have back surgery at age 22 anyway. Not worth it. My mom had an epidural with me (her first pregnancy), but something went wrong, and she had a lot more complications because of it. She opted not to have an epidural with my little sister, and everything went smoothly for her.

Kelly said...

Good Luck with that! Lol. More power to you, and I respect people that can go through it without the meds. But I would sign the papers before hand just incase you change your mind. That way if you DO change your won't take as long to get that things started!!!! But for me, that thing was AMAZING!! Made labor actually somewhat enjoyable and not a horror story

Amy said...

I was planning on a natural birth, but had to be induced as I was rather overdue. The induction started my labour very hard and very quickly (my contractions were on top of each other from the very beginning). I did last about 48 hours without any medication but laughing gas (just made me feel nauseous), but I ended up caving and begging for the epidural. It was a good thing because I ended up spiking a fever and having to have a c-section anyway. It was pretty disappointing to not have the birth I had wanted, but at the same time I am just happy everything was ok.

The thing that helped the most for me was having the counter pressure on my back. I had the nurse, my doula and my husband all squeezing as hard as they possibly could on my back and hips. That and the shower was definitely a huge help. You can do it momma!! :)

Alexandra Rose said...

Hi Megan, I had a natural birth. I had planned to have it naturally and, of course it's painful, but us women are built for it. I think two pieces of advice, it's ok to want a natural birth but keep all options open because things don't always go to plan. And also, make sure you make it clear to the midwives/doctor what you want while you're calm. Mine didn't take any notice of me until my friend literally had to yell at them. Good luck with the labour. I'd be happy to share my birth story. You can contact me at if you like.
Visiting from the hop.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

I had an epidural and I would totally do it again. I had no pain with the actual initiating of it; however, it didn't quite "work" right immediately so for a while I could feel contractions on half my body (weird feeling, wow). I personally found the contractions I had to be far more painful than anything about getting the epidural. But I believe it is 100% different for each and every woman. Best advice? Let your professionals know your wishes but go into the hospital completely open-minded, because there's a good chance baby already has her arrival planned her OWN way ;)

Sami said...

For my first my daughter I went through pregnancy and into labor planning on getting an epidural. I thought anybody who didn't get one was crazy. Well labor started and the pain was super manageable and my doctor would not give me one until 4cm anyways. No big deal. He broke my water and pain started to get worse but still manageable. Well I jumped from 3cm to 10cm in an hour so no epidural for me. I ended up only pushing for 20 min which was great.
My second pregnancy I said I wouldn't get an epidural. I was actually more scared of it then the pain of labor. I ended up being induced so I went in at 5am and started pit. Labor still was not bad at all. I had back pain but it wasn't terrible just made me super uncomfortable. I actually didn't start having pain until maybe an hour or 2 before my son was born (my labor was only 5-6 hours long). At about 7 cm I was very tempted to get the epidural but I just told myself I could get through this. I've done it before, it will be over soon. Only pushed for 8 min and as soon as he was out the pain was gone. I was up and walking 2 hours pp and felt great! I would do it again without one if I was having any more babies, but we're not. Good Luck on your labor and delivery! You can do it! Women have been birthing babies forever without epidurals!

Keri said...

I have no idea on the Mommy opinions... but, I just read this post and it made me think of this entry.

Amber :) said...

Hi Megan! I didn't do alot of research about epidurals when I was pregnant with Paisleigh. I was such a baby when it came to pain that I just automatically knew I wanted one. When I was in labor, I was so shocked at how well I handled the pain! Yes, it hurts. But just knowing what came after the pain was comforting for me. My dr recommended that I get an epidural once I was at 5 cms. Bc once you get to a certain point, its too late to get one. So I did, even though my pain was being incredibly controlled with nothing. One main thing that helped me in a HUGE way [it may sound cheesy] was having a picture of Paisleigh's 4D ultrasound on the table in front of me. Everytime a contraction came, I focused on it & reminded myself that the pain was coming from this precious angel making her way into our arms! It was a tremendous tool that worked amazingly! Looking back though, I wish I would have went natural. I got the epidural at 5 cms just bc I was scared that at 9 or 10 cms, the pain would be unbareable. BUT my epidural wore off at 8 cms & the pain wasn't that bad! But they did a "booster" of the medicine so that when I pushed her out I couldn't feel it. BAD IDEA! My blood pressure bottomed out. I turned gray. And almost passed out. That made them give me a shot of epinephrine (I think that's what it's called) to bring my blood pressure up & it made my heartrate shoot up into the 240s. To top that off I had/have tachycardia already so it was so scary! Natural is awesome! And I think its great that you made that decision :)

Devan =) said...

I had to be induced because my baby girl apparently was not ready to be introduced into the world. With that said, I did get an epidural, which I wasn't planning on having, because the contractions were getting so strong and unbearable. I got the pitocin at 10, got the epidural when I was 4 cm at noon and had a wonderful birth experience at 430! I really enjoyed the whole thing! =)

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