Ok... Much Better

It’s amazing how God works sometimes!

I am so blessed by God to have such a wonderful fiancé to get me through the worst of times. I’ve had such a crazy emotional roller coaster ride these past few weeks, and he has stuck through it with me. It’s so comparative to God’s love. No matter what we do. No matter how hard we indirectly push Him away, He still holds us, He still loves us, He still smiles when He looks upon us.
My RJ has demonstrated God’s love to me this week. The way he treated me has encouraged me to love like God loves. It’s so rewarding. Often times we get angry at someone or are used and mistreated; we then decide to act unloving. That’s not the way it is supposed to work. In all our relationships we are to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves” despite how we are treated by our neighbor.
If you are having trouble with this virtue, you may want to ask yourself if you actually love yourself. I struggled with not loving myself years ago. It took the Lord and His servants to show me how. For some this is harder than others. Sometime us women are cruel, cruel people… TO OURSELVES! We must stop this disease, raise our chins high, and LOVE the person that God has created us to be.
I encourage you to love as God has loved you – including yourself!

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