11 Days Out...

Well here we are eleven days away from our wedding day!
We have been very busy lately nailing down details of our marriage and ceremony.
A few last minute crises have arisen, but everything is going well with plan B. We are
now having the reception in our home church, Millbrook Baptist, due to some unforeseen circumstances with our caterer/decorator. Bless his heart; his wife has gone home to be with the
Lord. RJ and I aren’t upset about this; honestly, we are just ready to start our journey together as
a married couple!
RJ has been in the apartment for about two months. It is slowly, but surely, coming together.
We love our quaint (one level) community! We have a new addition to our family. Her name is
Laila, and she is now ten and a half weeks old.
We have completed our pre-marriage counseling and are blessed to have been able to learn so
much from our pastor and his sweet wife.
I have had several showers (two that RJ attended), and have been blessed with beautiful gifts!
My lingerie shower was a blast, and very entertaining. I was (to my own surprise) uncomfortable
at first, but I ended up lightening up and making the party take an unexpected turn!

All of this wedding stuff has not been as stressful as everyone has told me it would be. My
mother and I got along great! The only thing that caused stress was the twist we had right here
at the end. Even so, we are all handling it well. I’m blessed to have a mother who is willing to
plan and organize while I simple “approve.” There hasn’t been much drama. There was certainly
some unnecessary attitude towards the very beginning, but overall my wedding planning has
been a pleasant experience.

What advice might I offer to brides?
1. Don’t choose your bridesmaids too soon. I chose mostly family because I know they will
always be there no matter what. The reason I suggest not to choose to soon is because 1)
everyone is always so excited for you upon engagement, but their true colors do not show
until about a few months in, and 2) I had a bridesmaid get pregnant and had to step down
after the dress had been ordered. Obviously, there was nothing I could do about this, and
the chances of your BMs due date being the week after your wedding are slim to none.
(Note – I’m not upset about Rachel not being IN my wedding, I just hope she can just BE
2. Just think of the gift. RJ’s sister gave me this piece of advice. When people are rude to
you, make odd suggestions, offend you, ask inappropriate questions… just think about
the gift they’ll give you. Do not react with haste. Think about your response and ensure
that it is classy; you do not have to answer any questions you do not want to.
3. Remember what’s REALLY important. Your Groom. Don’t let his needs get put to the
side simply because you are busy or want different things. There is always room for
compromise (it’s helpful to learn this BEFORE marriage). Ensure that you spend plenty
of time together. Planning your MARRIAGE is more important than planning your
4. It’s not worth it to fight with your mother. If you have a good relationship with her, don’t
let your Big Day ruin it. This is her day, too, ya know? (see tip #5) I was blessed to have
a mother who wanted to help plan. My laid back attitude let her do what she wanted. I
couldn’t stress over it… especially when I saw that glow come over her once she had a
good idea.

5. It’s not really YOUR day. Your time comes during the honeymoon! This celebration is
really for your family and friends. The sooner you realize that, the better. Yes, stand firm
for the things that are important to you, but be sure to weigh the importance of every
decision before you freak. Again, your fun will be later ;)
6. I recommend short engagements….(short being like 6-10 months)
7. Know that things will go wrong as you get closer to the big day. (See above ;) )
8. HAVE FUN!! You only (or should only) get to do this once!

My next post will probably after the wedding ;)


Keri said...

I love that you put this 'should only' come once! I so agree!! Haha! But I am interested to know why you recommend a short engagement! lol Just curious... I have heard so many people prefer short and others prefer long. :)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

If we go with the date we are currently thinking I'm 10 months away TODAY. ehhhhhck! :)

Good advice!! I definitely want to think about the whole bridesmaids thing for a bit before I ask. Good tip :)Lots of things can change in 10 months!

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