Baby it's Cold Outside...

My how time has flown this year!

It is already time for the holiday madness! RJ and I are checking with our respective families and trying to map our Christmas journey to spend time with family. This should be real interesting! His family has very specific traditions (which I really like and hope to continue with our immediate family), and my family just gets together whenever we can all be together. My uncle Carey used to be a fireman and had a schedule that altered each year. The Volnoff family has lunch on Christmas Day every year. Things are also very different for my family this year with my Mamaw and Papaw buying a house, especially since Christmas at their house used to be a REALLY BIG DEAL! It is not a wise choice for my grandfather to travel with his condition, so we are hoping and praying that everyone will get to come to Alabama to celebrate Christmas.

I have done a small amount of Christmas shopping. With the wedding just passing, going on the honeymoon, and moving into the apartment with RJ - Christmas gifts have been the last thing on my mind. I’m not even motivated to decorate our apartment for the season. I know that is very “un-domestic” of me, and I should probably provide my husband with a much better Christmas home, but he understands the stresses I’ve been going through. My goal is to have our tree up and decorated by the weekend. Luckily, I’ve convinced RJ to let me have a real tree this year (It wasn’t that hard). I already have some decorations from my college years, and some of our lovely wedding guests gave us Christmas decorations, too.

The hubs and I get the joy of taking part in many of our church’s festivities this year. We have been chosen to be Mary and Joseph for the Children’s Musical and to do some interpretive movement as Mary and Joseph in the annual Cantata. We will also be performing “How Many Kings” with my father. Rj will play the piano and sing, my dad will sing, and I will do some interpretive movement (dancing). We also get to take part in some of the advent candle readings.

Now, excuse me while I do some Cyber Monday Christmas shopping!

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