give grace.

This Christmas there will be lots of giving, decorating, parties, shopping, and so much more. There will be divine sparkly outfits with the perfectly matching cardigan and glittery mini belt. There will be colored skinny jeans and bubble necklaces. Holiday hair and so much more.

This Christmas, why don't you give yourself a gift?


Christmas with children, or with a job, or a business, or even simply a husband and a family can be overwhelming. There is so much pressure put on women during this time of year. Have this kind of hair. Where this type of outfit.

So what if you don't throw the most spectacular holiday party.
Give yourself grace.

Who cares if your dessert is store bought because you can't cook worth a lick.
Give yourself grace.

What if your child isn't dressed in the latest fashions for children.
...or has food on their face.
Give yourself grace.

So, you didn't get around to sending Christmas cards again this year.
Give yourself grace.

If you don't blog for a few days... Or a whole week.
Give yourself grace.

Your gifts aren't wrapped like something you'd see on Pinterest.
Give yourself grace.

You are lucky to have stockings hung, much less any other decorations.
Give yourself grace.

You can't make those little reindeer treats with pretzels for you kids' school party.
Give yourself grace.

If you can't afford that gift for your child.
Give yourself grace.

Your tree has no ornaments because the tots take them off anyways.
Give yourself grace.

The exterior of your home has no Christmas decor.
Give yourself grace.

Your hair is in a ponytail for Christmas festivities.
Give yourself grace.

We need it wives, moms. We need to just excuse ourselves from all of the hooplah. Most of it is fun, yes. And to those of you who can do all these things - you need a trophy. But, this year, I'm giving myself grace. I'm focusing on what's important this month, and that is Jesus. Each year we all talk about "The Reason for the Season." I think we've gotten that message. 

How would He want us to treat ourselves? 
Like He has. 
With love, mercy, grace, patience.

Let's put aside all the things we are going to blog about. Let's not feel pressured to do things that aren't natural for us. And by all means, let us quit comparing our homes//outfits//makeup//children//parties to each other. Let it go, and let God bless our down time with family.

Merry Christmas, readers!


Emily said...

Absolutely beautiful, Megan. Thank you for the reminder. I desperately needed to read that.

Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

The more I read the more you and I really truly do have in common!

Hope your stress level can stay minimal this crazy season :)

Aleks said...

you are an amazing woman! i needed this post today! thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and I love you to pieces!

The Life Of Faith said...

This was exactly what I needed to read! I haven't been able to keep up or get everything I want done. Thanks for the reminder to give grace even to myself!

Sarah said...

What a needed reminder. Thank you for sharing this- I needed it! You are so great and I appreciate you so much!

Natassia Butler said...

Perfect and just what we all needed to hear :) xoxo

AbsoluteMommy said...

I just came to this conclusion this week! Last year I was crazy about posting and baking and decorating that I didn't enjoy one bit of Christmas! This post was spot on. Thanks!!

Heather said...

We always have an open house for the members of our congregation. This year I have honestly entertained the idea of not doing the extensive, clean every inch of the place, and just showing them our home in our everyday life. I will probably chicken out, but the thought is lovely. So is your post.

Desirae R said...

Lovely post

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