Christmas Tree...CHECK!

I met my goal of putting up our Christmas tree by the weekend! It was completed Friday night. I’m so proud of myself, too! All that we had to purchase was a stocking for RJ, a few ornaments, a tree stand, and the ($18) tree itself! Last year after Christmas I hit up all the fifty and seventy five percent off racks of holiday décor. I decorated our apartment with all of these items! I even have gift wrapping supplies! Because penguins don’t match too well with everything else, all of the penguin stuff is in the kitchen. It was so fun opening the bin that I had not seen in a year! It was like shopping all over again! We had a crazy experience with our tree, though!
We bought our tree on Thursday night from Marvin’s. The genius guy who worked at the hardware store tied RJ’s door shut when he fastened the tree to the roof of the car. RJ had to climb inside the passenger side. If you know RJ, you know that he is like 6’3’’. His long lanky legs trying to squeeze in his tiny KIA were just a perfect picture of our first Christmas tree adventure! We laughed so hard! Once we got the tree in the house, we began to embellish it with white lights. We stopped there because it was late, and we wanted to allow time for the limbs to fall a little bit. Laila was very curious about the tree. She sat and stared at it for a few minutes turning her head to and fro, barked a few times, and now we cannot keep her out from underneath it!
The tree was fully decorated Friday night before our rehearsal for the children’s musical (we were Mary and Joseph). I put up all the decorations around our home, and it feels like a Christmas Home now! We bought some Yankee Candle “Christmas Tree” candles to enhance the aroma from tree, so it smells nice, too!

Check out a few pictures below...

Our centerpiece made of glass containers with ornaments and streamer on top of a cake stand.

The tablecloth

Some side table decor...

...close up

Merry Christmas Ornament

A penguin ornament from my collection of discount Holiday decor.

...don't worry, she didn't get away with this.

One of my favorite (large) ornaments that cost me 75 cents!

An old ornament from my pink and green collection.

My discount Pier 1 snowman

On out entryway table...

on the same entry way table...

Holiday Table

Finally... The Tree!

Laila, still confused by the commotion.

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Anonymous said...

Everything looked so good when I came by! I am so proud of you and RJ! Laila is a doll baby.....I know she is going to eat something she shouldn't before the tree comes down!

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