God's Agenda vs Megan's Agenda

God’s Agenda


My devotion this morning was about God’s agenda vs our agenda. Thanks God! It really opened my eyes. The focus was on feeling like climbing the ladder just is not worth it any more. The lady who wrote the devotion told the story of how she found out she did not want to be a nurse! Well, I certainly want God to be in control of my career, and I feel as if He is! He has taught me a million different things through the past year during my job search.  Towards the end my devotion took a turn from careers to agendas. This is the part that spoke to me the most! Read what Mary Southerland writes about God’s agenda below:

What does fit is God's plan. In Psalm 23:3, David writes,
"He leads me in paths of righteousness."
 In this verse "righteousness" simply means "right things." The Shepherd has a plan for His sheep. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. The difference is that God's plan is filled with the "right things" He shaped and created us to do while the agendas of others tend to service their own purposes instead of God's. God empowers His plan, but when we step into our own agenda or a plan created by anyone else, we are stepping into and relying upon our frail, limited strength. Soon, we will be empty and stress will flood in, filling the
emptiness with anxiety and tension.
Don't waste another day just doing the "next" thing.
{emphasis, mine}
Take a long, hard look at your work, your job, and your
agenda to make sure you are in the right place
doing what you were created to do in this world.

Did that touch your heart? I didn’t touch mine. It stomped on my toes. Who’s agenda am I following? Who’s agenda is directing my decisions? By stepping out on my own agenda I am limiting my availability to God, separating myself from Him, and, therefore, limiting what God can do through me. Remember that old song you sang as a child?
We are weak, but He is strong! Yes, Jesus loves me!
There are a lot of things going on at my church and a lot of things in the making. I love being involved in all of the things I’m involved, and I wouldn’t trade the blessings I receive from the young people there for all the money in the world. I love them! I do get weary, I do get tired, I do get discouraged, but the Lord always finds a way to replenish my spirit. Whether it’s getting tackled by the young girls who are fighting to hug me first, watching them raise their hands in worship, or having small breakthroughs with the quiet students, He always blesses me through those kids!

Mary Also wrote this prayer, that I prayed as well. If you are struggling with a job, assignment, task, or even ministry, you should pray this prayer too.

I want to follow Your plan for my life. Help me to
 walk in daily obedience so that Your unique and perfect
plan for my life will naturally unfold before me.
And when I am discouraged or stressed because
of the work I am doing, give me Your peace and the assurance that
I am in the right spot doing the right things You created me to do.

In Jesus' name,


Check out the original devotion here!

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