necklaces = smiles

So yesterday, accessories changed my world.
{not really; just made me smile}
 But as far as I’m concerned, a smile can change everything… especially your appearance.

I was having a terribly awful morning.
My husband is out of town.
I haven’t slept in days.
I stayed with my parents to try and get some rest.
Didn’t work.
Went home early to prepare for work.
Turned key.
Nothing happened.
I was locked out of my own flippin’ apartment in the rain.
I tried for 20 minutes to get in to no avail.
At this point, I’m enraged.
I use my ex dancer & and aerobics skills and karate kick the door so hard I probably woke the neighbors.
{yes, I have a slight temper}
I said to myself “Self, try this one more time.”
Turn key… Click. Open door.
Can I get a big hiyaaaa
{in your best ninja voice}
for my ninja skills, please?
Whilst running late and scurrying to get to work, I knock over my jewelry box. Crap.
I run to the bathroom where I have more jewelry to quickly grab a necklace or something…
And there he sits. The reason for my smile. Mr. Owl.
I smile greatly, slip him over my head, snap a few pictures, and run out the door with a smile!
And who said accesorizing is not important?
Look how darling he is!
I know that this is NOT how you are supposed to wear a necklace, but I was smiley and goofy. My turn of events made me feel a little avant garde. Haha, who'm I kiddin'. I'm just silly.
extra big 'ole thank you to my sisser over at
for buying me this little darling!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a GOOBER! Kudos to daddy for changing the locks! Your comment tonight was hilarious!! "I have a $2.50 coupon for Kibbles and Bits, there is the car I want, its only $4" I knew what you meant because I can speak MEGANESE!

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