Product Review: Dry Shampoo

So, I discovered this new product from Help A Mutha Out, and I love it!!!

You know, there are some days when you just don’t wanna wash your hair. Guess what, ladies? Now, you don’t have to sport a ball cap or hide your dreads on those days!

If you’re like me and have frizzy/curly hair, straight hair means siting under a blow dryer for 30 minutes then straightening it for another 20 minutes (if you’re lucky). Not only is that horrible for your locks, but it’s annoying and hot. Not to mention, washing your hair everyday is not good for your hair. It strips the natural oils from it and causes it to be more prone dryness.

I bought some dry shampoo a few weekends ago, and it is now my favorite product!

All you do is spray it in your roots, and do what I call “the fluff”. Run your fingers through your roots using your palm to kind of activate the substance and massage it in. It smells delicious, too!

This product is not sticky, and it’s not oily at all. It’s a spray powder that requires no blow dryer. It absorbs the oils and actually cleans your hair. I read somewhere online (can’t remember where) that it has a disinfecting agent in it that does some housekeeping (cleaning) work for you
without having to use water!!!

You can also use this to add volume if you have fine hair. I noticed it made my hair feel very full and fluffy ;)

Wanna know a secret? Last week I washed my hair twice ;)
(don’t worry, I bathed)

Go get you some of this stuff; I won’t tell anyone that you didn’t “wash” your hair!

Oh yeah, most important part... It was like two bucks at target!

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Lisa Doss said...

Megan, I just LOVE your blog!! Thanks for the review on this product...I have the same kind of curly hair and I have been looking for something like this!!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to try it! Luv ya baby girl!

Ashley@Heart2Heart said...

I am so excited to try this product out...I will go have to go buy some. Both of our tips go GREAT together, I LOVE IT!!

Thanks SO MUCH for linking up!!

elise said...

Definitely will be trying this!

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

OH EEM GEE... SERIOUSLY.. I have never hear of this before! I am sooo buying this! I mean.. most days I sticj my hair right in a bun after washing it.. and this keeps it pretty fresh for a few days.. so I already dont wash my hair everyday... more like 3 times a week. But on the days that I actually do take the time to blow dry and straighten it.. the next day its usually greasy. :( So I HAVE to wash it or put it up! This would be a total life saver for me! Then I can keep my nice straight hair without it looking or feeling greasy.. that rocks! Thanks for the review.. Im def getting this!! :)

Haha.. am I overly excited or what!? HAHA

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