Product Review: Milani Crystal Gloss in Whisper

I heard about the Milani line of glosses from 
Cheri Quite Contrary in this post.
She suggested the
Milani 3D Glitzy Lip Gloss in "Fashion Diva"

I thought I’d be brave and try it;
I mean it looked great on Cheri!
I walked into CVS on a mission; located the end cap with all the Milani pretties on it. I laid my eyes on this lip gloss. Thought about it; tried to be brave, but…

No… I couldn’t do it. I just decided that it wasn’t for me. I’m not brave enough. Yes, I sport pops of color in my wardrobe, but on my lips? I just can’t.

So, found the whisper color that was very neutral and translucent. It adds a great shimmer to my lips and is really moisturizing.

Would I suggest you buy it???
It tastes awful. It’s not worth the money. I have had cheap chapstick that I’d rather wear before this. The flavor reminds me of an old tube of lipstick… cheap lipstick.  It looks wonderful, and I’m really satisfied with the look and feel of this gloss.
don't judge me  for posting a pic of my lips...
i mean; i know you guys wanna see what it looks like ;)
It’s hard to get over that 
taste, though. I will use the tube 
until every ounce is gone because 
I’ve never paid $7 for 0.17 ounces of lip gloss.
I won’t ever buy it again.
I’d rather have something that tastes good; 
or at least doesn’t taste like plastic.
It’s a great product, and I suggest this gloss for 
everyone who has no tastebuds
Or who eats plastic.

Maybe I just got a bad tube? Like I said, I love the way it looks on me.
My friend {can we be friends, cheri?} told me that her Fashion Diva didn't taste bad. Hmm...Her gloss was "3D Glitzy" and mine is "Crystal Gloss." I wonder if that is the difference.

Honestly, I'd love to try to be more bold, but i'm not sure if i'll give the brand another try. 

Go check out cheri's blog.
You won't regret it.

The good part of all this?
{there’s always something good}

I signed up for CVS’ Extra Care Beauty Club.
I saved 10% off of this plastic lip gloss, and got some money on my rewards card.

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