My Love Story in a Necklace

growing up I never would have thought it.
I always thought he was cute, but it a little brother kind of way.
he was always the goof ball on church trips.
the cute drummer boy at church.
my best friends little brother
something happens to little boys.
they become men.
men who open doors for pretty girls.
who tell them they are beautiful.

i reached a really hard part of my life.
down on my luck.
given up on love.
told myself it didn't exist.
all men are scum.
my best friends turned their back on me.
people stabbed me in the back.
i couldn't help the person i'd become.
i was helpless
a liar.

i did something that i thought i'd never do.
on march 28th of 2009 i posted on facebook:
"Megan Wynn needs more men in her life. Accepting applications at 224-3110"
i immediately received a text from an unknown number:
"likes long walks on the beach and journey"
my response:
"name and date of birth"
unknown sender replied:
"ronald david volnoff, jr, march 12 1990"

my heart sank.
then it pitter pattered.
i smiled
i was glowing
i knew what God was up to.
the sender, better known as RJ, was called to be a worship leader.
i knew that i had been called to the ministry, somehow
we texted and called and talked and flirted for a few weeks.
we talked about marriage within the first week.
we knew we wanted to be united before God in marriage.
i'd never been so sure of anything. ever.

we spent our weekends together
i cried every Sunday when i headed back to my college.
i was incomplete without him in my world.

January 30th 2010
we walked around ASF
the place where we first held hands
i goofed off, giddy and happy. unknowingly...
he stumbled around nervously
next thing i know...
he's on his knee.
asking me to be his bride.

we were married on November 20, 2010 just a little over a year after i received that text from an unknown sender.

we have a love that makes us giddy with excitement. 
we have a bond that no one could understand.
we know each others secrets.
we are each others secrets ;)
it's that kind of love that makes you want to carve your initials into a tree.

today i'm sporting a necklace that captivates everything i just told you.

it's a beautiful piece by amanda lynne designs 
that i've been coveting since february.
do you have a love that makes you feel like a teenage girl? 
if so, you need this.
it brought me to tears opening the package
i'm in tears writing this post.
love does that to you.

here are a few of her lovey-dovey items that may interest you:

post inspired by little miss momma


Brianna said...

What a great post, you guys have such a sweet love story! I seriously need this! It keeps popping up in bloggy land and teasing me! I guess my no shopping spree might just end!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story and so honest. Everyone needs to start out their day by reading this, so I'm inviting you to link up with my blog. I know my theme is thrift, but supporting the wonderful artists in this beautiful world is really important too. I think I'll add an "anything artsy" to my posts from now on.

You've inspired me. ; )

Anonymous said...

I took the liberty of mentioning your post and including a link to it in my blog today. Hope you don't mind. Have a great weekend.


Amanda said...

Meg- This seriously has brought tears to my eyes. This is such a sweet sweet love story! Thank you for loving my designs. It looks beautiful on you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE love stories. :0) Yours is super sweet. Congrats on finding the Love of your life, God style. :0)

Anonymous said...

Love love love this story!!! I'm a complete sucker for love stories! Yours makes me smile:)

btw... thanks for your comment on my peace necklace! I'd love to send ya one! I could find your email on your blog otherwise i'd email ya!
email me...

ttyl! Katie

Anonymous said...

oooopss *couldn't find* hehe

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet stuff! I love you both so much! It isn't Laila that gives you your glow!

... RacheL ... said...

This isn't something I didn't already know, but it made my tears swell up with tears just a little. :) I love you! You are an amazing God fearing woman who deserves nothing but the best. RJ... is close! ;-) Just kidding. I love RJ! You two are the cutest couple! I'm so blessed to have both of you in my life!

... RacheL ... said...

**eyes** I'm sure you knew what I meant.

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