Product Review: Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover

My most favoritest eye make

up remover on the market right now!

You see... I love Mary Kay waterproof mascara, but I hated fighting to take it off.
My eyes would get all dry and
rubbed raw from scrubbing...

This oil free make up remover is amazing.
It parts my mascara from my
eyelashes like Moses parted the Red Sea.
What I love most about it is that it
doesn't burn your eyes!!
It doesn't leave an icky film on them like other eye make up removers!!

This is my must have since I wear mascara
{and lots of it}
 everyday!! I have long eyelashes... and they are delicate. I don't wanna go ripping them out on a daily basis just because I wear good mascara. It is gentle and the bottle goes a long way! 3.75 oz usually lasts me a couple of months!
Like 5 months!!

Did I mention it has a sleek new design!!
I like this look much better!

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Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

i love that stuff!!! my roomate has it and I've borrowed it a few times. then i went out and bought some cheap stuff at walmart. it's terrible!! burns up to the wazoo. I need to invest in my own supply!!

Anonymous said...

very nice! now to just start wearing make-up ;-)

P.S.: Still waiting to know something...wo

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