Confessions of a Newlywed: AM slacker

this is not me and the hubby
I'm horrible at getting myself out of bed in the morning.

Hubby and I have been trying to wake up at 5:30 and take our pups for a walk.
It's good for them, and even better for us.
We were rather successful last week missing only Wednesday and Friday 
{which is now our schedule}

I failed yesterday morning.
I failed this morning.

I'm telling you it's 
so ridiculous.
If I'd just get up when my alarm goes off, 
I'd be much better off.
For some reason, sleepy wife thinks that 
the spurts of 4-5 minute sleep I get in 
between snoozes is better than getting 
up and doing what I need to do.

I snoozed my phone for an hour this morning.
an hour.

I'm so ashamed.

It's so bad.
You see I use my cell as an alarm.
I set it on the "alarm only" sound setting.
It goes off once, I sit up, {sit up folks} 
and wake up enough to turn my phone on 
vibrate so that it doesn't wake hubby up 
for the next hour or so.
Then go back to "sleep."

Why don't I just dad gum it get out of the freaking bed??

are you sensing the frustration?

It makes me so mad at myself.


usually about the time I convince myself to get out of the bed...
cute snuggly hubby 
rolls over and decides to get all snuggly bear with me.
At this point, I'm def not getting out of the bed.

I'm a slacker.
She also rises while it is yet night...
-proverbs 31:15
Yupp, not me.

I need help.
I need a solution.

How do you force yourself to get out of the bed???


Paula said...

I have 5 kids who wake me up at 6:10 every morning whether I want to get up or not.. now I get up at 5:50 on my own just so I'm not awakened by people jumping on me anymore.. lol.. but.. if I do need an alarm I set it on LOUD and make sure I leave it out of my reach so that I have to physically get up to shut the .. ummm.. what nice word can I use here.. darned.. (best I can do.. really) thing off!!!

Ami w/AliLilly said...

Man, I wish I could help but after badgerring my hubby for 13 years he still doesn't GET UP! I do, I just get up. It's time to wake up and I'm up. BUT I have the HARDEST time falling back asleep so once I'm up I'm up. When an almost 3 yr old you can imagine how much sleep I DON'T get! I'm running on 4 hours right now and a can of redbull! BUT I don't know. I've moved my hubby alarm clock across the room so he has to get up. He gets up hits it and falls back into bed. HA!!

BTW I'm following you and Maria from Agape Love Designs sent me over!! :)

Aleks said...

ha. i wish i could tell you a story about how awesome i am at getting up i the morning, but i cannot. i set my alarm for the time i need to get up....and then i set it every 15 min after that....and it takes me an hour to finally get up, and then i just lay in bed until i absolutley have to get up. like, ya know, 5 min before i have to be at work. let me know if you find a solution. for some reason my fiance can get up shower, dress, and leave, all without waking me up...

Jenna said...

I am, well I guess was, the same way. And probably would be if I had the chance. I LOVE to hit snooze. What makes me get up now? My baby! When he wakes up, I have to get up. I can't snooze him, even though I wish I could sometimes. Now I'm up around 7:30 most mornings. It sucks but its good cause I get so much done. So while I don't have any tips for you now, if you ever have kids that will definitely help! :)

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