A Dress with Jeans? {outfit post}

Cover Up: Factory Connection 2008
Dress: Walmart 2009
Jeans: Aeropostale 2009
Shoes: RR 2010 

Since it is Wednesday, 
I decided to post an outfit from the weekend.
Husband wanted to go out on a date, and I had the hardest time finding something that I wanted to wear.

So I pitched a little fit like a 
teenage girl, threw on a t shirt 
and jeans, threw my hair in a pony tail.
{Does anyone else do this?}
Husband knew that I wanted to feel pretty, so he insisted that I try again.

I was determined that I was 
not going to try again.
I told him if he wanted me to 
go out HE would have to pick out my outfit.

Of course that didn't really work, 
so i helped him.

This is what we came up with.
The dress was a little too short 
to wear alone. I like to be conservative.
I don't do leggings very well,
next best thing?
Blue Jeans.

I took out the pony tail, and 
I french braided my hair.
It's kind of uhm... 
A line.
Yeah, we'll go with that ;)

Rather pleased with the outcome 
considering I had on a t shirt and jeans before. 


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1 comment:

Aleks said...

hahaha. this is too funny. you look amazing!! i can never wear dresses, my legs are too long and i look...skanky...ick. so im always in jeans when the fiance and i go out. maybe some day ill dress myself up....

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