i {heart} my Hunty

I love him.
He is my world.
He loves me when i least deserve it.

The good, the bad, the awesome.

We are together forever.
We are happy together.

I love him because he's honest.
I love him because he protects me.

My husband is handsome.
He is Godly.

He gently corrects me,
but encourages me and lifts me up.

My husband longs to father my children.
He enjoys my silly quirks.

His laugh is captivating.

He makes fun of me when I fall off the bed.

We are perfect for each other.
He is slow to anger with me.

My hubster is my world.
No matter what, he's there for me.

He holds me when i cry over the dumb things.
He helps me through my {not so} miniature freak outs.

He supports my love for blogging and crafting.

My husband is amazing.
He's very talented.

My husband has a beautiful voice,
and I can't wait to hear him sing our babies to sleep.

"Every time I look into those puppy dog eyes I fall head over heels for him. 
He's God's perfect gift for me. The slightest touch of his hand makes my
 heart skip a beat. I have so much fun with him and never want to leave 
his side. I feel like a giddy 13 year old girl when I think about him; he makes 
my head spin. I've never been anywhere close to this happy. Happy doesn't
 even describe it. I am so excited to love and serve this handsome creation. 
The way he brushes my cheek when I am sad is perfect. I love the way he 
tickles me, just to hear me giggle. He knows exactly how to send my bad 
mood to the moon. He listens to music he hates, and creates playlists of 
it, just because it makes me happy. He randomly brings me flowers just 
because. He gives me his undivided attention. I love my RJ. He is so strong 
and grounded. He's not afraid to kiss me in public. He is sweet to me even 
when the guys are around. He tells me I'm beautiful despite my disbelief. 
I love him. Our paths have been crooked and trampled upon. We have been 
beaten and torn down. We messed up. Made mistakes... all to end up together. 
It's so perfect. I would go through all the hurt and hearbreak a jillion times over 
knowing that you were at the end of it all. I cannot wait to be your wife, 
RJ. I promise to love you unconditionally. I promise to love the Lord and serve 
beside you all the days of my life. You are my rock. You keep my in line. 
You lead me, and gently correct me when I'm wrong. You're perfect for me. 
Thank you for your steadfast, never failing love."    August 22, 2010



Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Ok so I have said this before.. BUT seriously.. CUTEST.COUPLE.EVER!!!!! I seriously LOVE you two as a couple! I mean..even though we have never met in real life.. just seeing your adorable pictures makes me laugh and smile and "awww" over them! I LOVE the first picture "rawr means i love you in dinosaur!" HAHAHA SO CUTE and that 3rd one of your wedding kiss... OMG gave me goosebumps! :) So sweet.. and your pictures just turned me into the biggest sap ever.. and Im not usually a sap or romantic at all! So thats saying a lot! :) Also.. is it just me.. or does your hubby remind you at all of Jesse Bradford? I totally see the resemblance in the photos! :)
And you my dear are so beautiful! Gorgeous hair, perfect smile, lovely blue eyes! :)
Im so gushing. :)

What a sweet thing to write about your husband,he sounds like a great guy! :) And I love seeing how much in love you two are.. thanks for sharing this post! Im gonna check out that I heart my hubby link! :) I may have to copy! hehe

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

love all the pics! too cute

Megan and Justin said...

CUTE pictures! following..now!

Anonymous said...

So cute! New follower!

AlexandraRose said...

LOVE all of the cute pictures...you guys are adorable! Thank you so much for linking up!

Sarah said...

I love these photos - you are such an adorable couple! You guys give me hope - if you can find someone so perfect for you, then true love is definitely out there!

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