When You Wish Upon A Star...

via megan volnoff pinterest
A nice little craft area. Nothing major, just something that is MINE and mine alone.

a sewing machine.
any sewing machine. i mean a girl can only do so much with a glue gun.

Clear Glass 7" Footed Bias Cut  Bowl $11.99  each
i really REALLY really want this for
my craft fair [buy it here]
Mrs. Peacock - Feather Headband
this peacock headband from
vintage wanna bee

this handpainted eye chart from
41 west designs
owl017 - 2.5 Yards Corduroy Fabric - Owls on Blue
this owl fabric

this believe necklace from
amanda lynne designs

a mint green cruiser bike.
[with a basket]
and a matching blue one for the hubs
so we can go on cute bike rides and 
save gas

a few hobby lobby gift card
COOLPIX S6100 26270

a new digital camera, nothing too fancy
just something that works.
like a nikon COOLPIX S6100

nd most of all i want..
wait for it...


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Brittany@Love Stitched said...

No sewing machine?? Girl, that should be on the TOP of your list! lol

I love that glass bowl too it would be great for fairs!

thanks so much for linking up to my WISH LIST linky party!

Brittany Lynn said...

You are too kind!! :D Thank you so much for including my eye chart. ♥!!

Gathering and Sewing said...

I saw your link on Love Stitched, and I HAD that Owl fabric! I made a bunch of bags out of it. It is so cute, and so many of my customers wanted more out of it, but I can't buy it anywhere anymore :( It is super cute!!

Natassia said...

Saw your link on Love Stitched too- I would love a craft area/room too!! What would be awesome!


Angie said...

...I have to show off...I just got my sewing room almost complete! My husband and Dad worked a lot of hours making it feel like a room, not like a corner of the basement, and I LOVE the opportunity to close the door on my "mess" Lol!Here is a link for some pictures... http://gathering-sewing.blogspot.com/2011/06/inside-my-newly-finished-studio.html

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