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Think Humanity “To help save lives and provide hope for refugees and underdeveloped communities in Africa by improving provisions for healthcare, clean water, education and socio-economic development.”-June 2011

“We believe that it is best to give people control and empowerment. By doing so, they know what is most needed and how it can best/most effectively be implemented, while feeling valued as they help to restore hope, save lives and build their community. We are developing young leaders by assisting them, but they do the work in Africa.” TH USA
Introducing Gaspari Innocent Sebiti
Lab Technician
Think Humanity’s weekend Laboratory Technician at TH Health Center
I am Gaspari Innocent Sebiti

Let this come to you all that I am happy to let you know that I am now volunteering at Think Humanity Community Health Centre (THCHC) during the weekends.

On this note, I thank Educate! that empowered me to know all this I am doing (Educate! sponsored me from 2005 when I was joining Advanced Level to 2009 when I completed Medical Laboratory Technology, MLT). I am now a Medical Laboratory Assistant and in charge THCHC Laboratory.

Vote of thanks goes to Think Humanity for the effort put in to make it stand. It is not easy as anyone may think. Keep it up!

I thank everybody who contributed and those still contributing to both Educate! and Think Humanity for what they do. The reward is from heaven by the most High. 

Although it appears I am volunteering, I am part of the community and Think Humanity in particular.

Thanks so much,
(If you wish to donate towards the great work that Gaspari and the others are doing at the  THCHC, you can donate at the bottom of the page. If designated for Gaspari, TH will make sure he gets 100 percent of your donation.)

Take a few minutes to visit the Educate! website to see what they are doing to “Educate and empower Africa’s future leaders.” Think Humanity especially thanks Eric Glustrom who founded Educate! and introduced us to refugees in the Kyangwali Settlement Camp in 2006.
Providing refugees with healthcare, clean water and education are a few of the most concrete things we can do to lift refugees out of poverty.
Think Humanity is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our federal tax identification number is 26-1635429

Think Humanity USA
2880 Spring Mountain Dr.
Loveland, CO 80537 USA   (970) 667-9335/214-1299
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