Our Journey to Home-Owner-Hood: Part 1

So, my God is good.

Husband and I have been immensely blessed over the past few weeks. We came home from our trip to Florida to see the Red Sox play, and as we pulled into town we had plenty of energy {for some odd reason}. We drove around and kinda looked at a few houses we saw online and were scoping out homes that met our {moderate} standards. We had pretty much come to the conclusion that we’d have to buy a foreclosure or something old to fix up. Not something we wanted… But we couldn’t afford the homes on the market that we REALLY liked.

My mom mentioned to me a while back about a new neighborhood being developed, and I pretty much brushed it off because no one can afford to build a brand new home these days. At least not in this neck of the woods. As we were browsing, we just decided to just drive past the new neighorhood. Low and behold they were having an open house. Psh… what the heck. It doesn’t hurt to look at nice new homes we can’t afford, right? We walk into a house that is us. It’s beautiful and has that new home smell. Haha… I chuckle to myself because we'd never be able to live in a home like this, but i'm hooked.

The guy starts giving us “the pitch.” Super nice, honest, and down to earth guy who doesn’t look down on us because we are young, broke, and drive a kia. This is the part where I try to escape because I’m not a fan of salesmen. Then he drops the bomb. The price….

Super dee duper affordable.
Like whoa affordable.

I ask him… What’s the catch?
He chuckles and tells me there’s no catch, and we can even pick any lot that we want.

I’m in.
Where do I sign?...

To be continued….


Aleks said...

im so excited im so excited im so excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
this is going to be an awesome AWESOME time in your lifes.

Shauna McLendon said...

I would most definitely like to know which new neighborhood you are talking about. I can not tell you how many dingy, old, nasty houses we've walked in & I've tried to picture it being something I could tolerate.. Good luck to you guys!!

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