Adventure Update

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We went and bought pregnancy tests. Yupp. That was something that neither of us had ever done before. It was quite a new experience for sure. Trying to pick out the right kind. Making a poor awkward moment for that darling cashier at Walgreens. Trying to read the directions so I didn’t screw it up. Insisting that husband pee on one just to make sure it wasn’t a faulty box. Praying over pregnancy tests. Making husband go look after the three minutes because wifesband was too scared. Our little August adventure.


September’s adventure was provided by Groupon. I had a $10 referral credit which I used to purchase a $7 pizza buffet at Stevi B’s. MMmmmMMM that was some deliciously free pizza. Pretty good. I’d even eat there if I had to pay for it. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed CiCi’s Buffet, actually. Stevi B’s has this really awesome Loaded Baked Potato pizza that is a pregnant woman’s dream. Delish. I had two full plates of salad! Yes, I love the synthetic immitation bacon bits. Really, I do! I like it more than real bacon… On my salad at least. We enjoyed our pizza together; we even high fived because it was free. The dessert pizza left something to be wanted, but maybe I was just really full! Thank you, Groupon!

the heaven sent baked potato pizza

What do I want to 
do in October? Maybe 
go to a corn maze? Hmm….


Jacy said...

Oh my, Megan, I want THAT pizza!! About to look up a recipe or someplace that has it to deliver. Wow, thanks for a new craving haha

elise said...

That corn maze picture is hilarious. Seriously. And the pizza looks delightful, and mostly, I just adore you.

Anita said...

How fun would that corn maze be? As a former blonde, I still worry I would get lost! ;) Hope you have a great week!

Aleks said...

what an amazing journey you are on! God is soooooo Good!

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