A funny story about a cell phone who lost its way...

So… This isn’t the gigantic “welcome back” post that I had in mind, but that one is in the works and will be coming up soon. In the mean time in between time, I have a very funny story to share with you all.

We travelled down to Mobile this past weekend to spend some time with RJ’s family. Goodness do I love going down there! It’s like going home. Even though I’ve only been a part of that family for 10 months, I belong there. I’m welcomed there… and I always eat REALLY GOOD when we are in Mobile. Ribs please! Yes!

Well, as some of you may know, I’m horrible at misplacing my cell phone. I usually have to look for it at least once a day. It’s never too far… Buried under the covers. In between the couch cushions. In my back pocket. On top of the microwave. Ya know places that take only miminal amounts of searching.

I’ve lost my cell phone on a roller coaster ride. I’ve left it on the beach. I have even left it in cabins on vacations, but I’ve never lost my phone like I did this past weekend.

We were having a lazy afternoon, and Poppa recruited RJ to help him wash all of the cars. I stayed in with the ladies and chit chatted, played a few celly games, and rocked in Poppas chair.

We noticed that because the guys were outside that the toilets were actin funny and not flushing right. But we just notified everyone to be “careful.”

The men come in and we kinda chit chat a little when I notice I can’t remember where I put my cell phone (as aforementioned, this is typical). I don’t worry because it always turns up somewhere obvious. I mention it to RJ who says it aloud and puts the whole house in a panic looking for my phone. The whole time I’m trying to convince them to forget about it and it will turn up. Didn’t work. We search high and low. Take apart Poppas chair to find all sorts of lost and miscellaneous belongings (like a pillow case).

The whole time we are searching Poppa, being Poppa, goes to fix the toilet. As we pass by we joke on him that he just doesn’t wanna help look for the phone and say he’s missing out on all the fun (sarcasm).

At this point I’m beginning to get a little frantic because I’m putting the pieces together.

We give up (finally).

Poppa fixes the toilet (convenient timing).

We begin to settle down and watch football and forget about our frantic search for the phone when my Mother-in Law comes in and announces that Poppa didn’t fix the toilet. My heart sank. Suspicions confirmed. I just knew my phone was in the toilet.

Poppa continues to reach his hand down the pipes of the toiled to find out that, yes, indeed it was my phone. We called in RJ’s little bro who has small arms to reach up and try and capture my phone. Negative.

Yes. The toiled had to be taken out. Taken apart. Drained. The whole nine yards. Paw in law finally got it out by using a screw driver. We were afraid we’d have to bust up the phone to get it out and lose all hopes of salvaging it.

We rescued the near drowned phone and placed it in rice for a really long time. My darling mother in law took care of me like she always does and cured my phone of its water log. It works perfectly (minus a little trapped water on the screen that is really fun to play with).

This trip to Mobile will never be forgotten. 


arshad said...

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karenp45 said...

Megan this is to dang funny. This could only happen to my Mega Bucks!!!

Aleks said...

oh my goodness megan! this is too funny. my phone always falls out of my back pocket but i catch it RIGHT before it falls inthe toilet, one day i wont be so lucky. that maw in law sounds like a great woman.

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