A very AWKWARD post...

In lieu of akward and awesome Thursday...
I have a very AWKWARD question to 
ask my dear (read: understanding and 
forgiving) readers.

So we all now know that I'm knocked up.
{Lover hates it when I say that. He says 
it's just not as pleasant as "expecting," 
which is why I say it anyway. Wink}

One of the worst side affects of this loving 
and kind 1st trimester is gas.

Yes. You heard me right. Gas.

Not the pleasant "Ooops, excuse me! Hehe!" 
kind of gas. Like big ole grown man farts.
I know, that's not exactly lady like, but 
I must be candid in order ask this question....

When going to the restroom... in a public 
facility... and you let a little raunchy toot slip 
(because it's inevetiable when you 
are preggers)...

Do you say excuse me?

I mean for crying out loud, this is THE 
place to do that sort of thing, but it certainly 
didn't go unnoticed. Will saying "excuse me" 
just make things more awkward? Or 
do you do like I do? Say nothing and 
wait til the coast is clear to make your 
escape so that no one knows who did it?


I really need your help here. 

Source: None via Brandon on Pinterest


Joy said...

I would wait to make my escape, but where else is it acceptable to do such a thing if not the restroom? I don't think an excuse me is needed :)

Jacy said...

Bahahaha Megan!!!
My husband jokes about being "knocked up" or "barefoot and pregnant" and I was the sensitive one LOL

Totally understand you on this...um, no I don't apologize or say excuse me haha

That is the place to do it! If they are uncomfortable, they can go potty in the linen closet! :)

Anonymous said...

I would just giggle a little and pretend it was someone else. ;0)

Aleks said...

haha!! THIS is why i love you and your blog so much! you make me laugh every day!
i would just make a scene really. like "gross, who did that? way to be a lady"

ok... maybe i wouldnt, maybe i would just sneak out when the coast was clear.

Brittany Crow said...

I would probably involuntarily crack up. :P

Jenna said...

haha, too funny. :) I agree with others, don't say anything! The bathroom IS the appropriate place, lol.

Anita said...

Okay you had me laughing here...nope no excuse me needed!

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