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hello, hello lovely readers of The Mrs.

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a bit about me

i am a mommy to jack & abby. married to a sweet man, a U.S. Marine. live in sunny southern california. born in northern california - raised in upstate NY {nope, not anywhere near the city}. i have a ridiculous thyroid disorder & autoimmune that does not own me anymore!!! Bible-believing, God fearing born again Christian too. love Jesus and all He has done for me, my family & for all of you. i am type A - over-organized, over-scheduled and loving every minute that i have leftover that i call, "spare time"!
speaking of spare time, i crafted this cute little vase from my daughter's jumper, a $1. vase from the thrift store, some fun twine from The Twinery & letter stickers because i don't own a fancy vinyl, cricut, silhouette or other fancy-machine.
you will need:
a vase | some fabric {think sweater or dress that no longer fits you or your kids} | mod podge {or sticky glue} | alphabet stickers | second fabric for bunting | twine or string | scissors &...
reece's pieces ~ always dressed for fall! :)
step 1: cut your material to make a large rectangle or square {really based on the size of your vase}, so this is the bottom from half of my daughter's jumper.
step 2: wrap the fabric around your vase and trim excess off the side & bottom. i left about 1 1/2 inches extra on the top so i could tuck the fabric inside the vase and leave a nice edge at the top.
step 3: mod podge time! i wanted the pleats at the bottom of the vase, so i only glued the top half. depending on the look you're going for, you may want to glue the whole vase and wrap the fabric tightly.
step 4: add a piece of ribbon, string or a military boot band {yep, that's my hubby's} to tightly secure the fabric to the vase while drying, following instructions on glue container for drying times.
step 5:meanwhile, we are going to make our little pennant bunting flags for the front! so, make a template, cut out 4 flags, add the letters F A L L to the front, add a piece of twine down the center, add a dab of glue and let dry.
step 6:secure your bunting around your vase by tying a knot in the back. i was so bummed when i got my letters on my vase that the fun turquoise twine wasn't shown.. so head to step 7 to see what i did next!
step 7: yep, that's what i did! i add a piece of my fun Twinery twine to the top of the flags and tied in the back! a perfect touch of color!
okay friends - that's it for me. off to design a new small business graphic, think of some fun things to add to the FancyLittleThing's blog and then be creative in my "spare time". i hope you enjoyed this fun tute and feel inspired to cover some of those clear vases taking up too much space under your sink.

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Aleks said...

what a beautiful vase! i love the houndstooth! I am so grateful for what your Husband is doing. The military is a big deal for my family. I grew up just 10 min from 29 palms marine base in sunny southern california. Keep making lovely tutorials!!

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