Mommy Thoughts Thursday {NURSERY EDITION}

As I begin to wonder what gender our sweet nugget is going to be I have begun to dive into thoughts about the sweet nursery. I have a feeling that our nugget is a boy, and so do many other people. Of course I could be way totally wrong, but it’s just how I feel; I’m going with it!

I’ve been thinking about themes and what not for the nursery. Hubs has requested a baseball room if it’s a boy. I think that is great! At first I was kinda like… uhm heck no… but then I dabbled online to look at nursery themes. Everyone seems to love the traditional jungle, dinosaur, elephant, etc theme… So this is something different. Here are a few things I’ve pinned:

{hubs is a red sox fan}
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

What are your thoughts on a nursery?
What is necessary and important to be in there?
What is really a waste of space?
Did your baby ever even sleep in his/her nursery?
What did you learn along the way about nursery essentials? 

Night light?
Mommy seating area?
Did you even use your changing table?

These are all things I've read that are essential.

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Jacy said...

Whooohoo!! Exciting :)
Lovin' the theme...can't wait to find out what you ( and I ) are having!

Keri said...

Not that I have much experience with kids of my own.. but my sister's kids...

She always used her changing table, made things so much easier. And the babies almost always slept in the nursery. :)

BodaciousDreams said...

I bought a changing table at a thrift store for SUPER cheap & still use it. Preston is too big for it now to lay on but it holds all our diapers, wipes, lotions, etc. I got cute bins from target that hold all of that. I would say a diaper trash can- not the genie though there are WAY better ones than that one. but its make it easy when you have so many dirty diapers. Monitors are a MUST but I never got the video ones. We have this noise maker/sound machine by homemedics that plays diff songs and ocean sounds that also has a projector you can put on the ceiling or wall and plays diff scenes that Preston LOVES if he's fussy or its close to bed time we put him in there turn it on and he just lays there watching it until he falls asleep! Its awesome. Humidifier- we turn Preston's on almost every night bc he has bad sinuses. it helps but you have to clean it every time bc it can grow some nasty ness in it! :)

Also, for the first 3 months Preston slept in our room...after him being in the NICU when he was born & having problems I was TOO nervous about not being able to see him right next to me all night...some say its a bad habit but he did just fine transitioning into his crib. I had a moses basket he slept in & it was great for his little bitty butt. Actually...its red sox colors on the inside- its great bc it has handles and you can pick it up and carry everywhere. when my niece had jaundice they put her in it and sat her by a window to help. Instead of buying one you could borrow this one if you wanted. Girl- if its a boy i have TONS of stuff for you!

BTW- LOVE the theme. You know my parents live in NH and we go to Red Sox games all the time..

Mama Lisa said...

This is soooo exciting! Whatever the baby turns out to be, you could paint a great mural on the wall to match whatever theme you choose.

When I had my Foster baby, the most important item I used was a changing table...a really sturdy one. It keeps you from bending over a bed to make changes and helps keep your back from hurting. If you don't want a standard changing table, you could always put a changing foam thingy on a low chest of drawers. That way, you will still have a chest of drawers to use once you finish up with the diaper stage.

Aimee Steckowski said...

my 2 cents!
Night light? yes, a very dim one. so when you nurse at night/evenings it doesn't completely wake the babe up and still allows you to kind of see what you're doing.
Mommy seating area? yes, a comfortable armchair worked the best for me while nursing. i didn't like to rock or move while nursing --- so, you just buy what is comfortable for you!
Fan? occasionally a window fan if we needed to move air in their room - we now use fans all the time with our 2 & 4 year old -- the white noise helps drown out the house noise while they sleep.
Journal? if you have time, YES! i journaled with jack a bit and not at all with abby!
Did you even use your changing table? yep, until they were potty-trained... they make a nice cushion with a strap, make sure you use the strap, they can fall off. OOPS!
Monitor? we never used one. we had one given to us as a gift - but both kids slept in the next room over. so, we kept their room door open and ours open and that has been enough for us.
Mobile? yes, when they get a few months old they really love this.
Humidifier? we used one for jack becuase he had sinus/breathing issues from the age of 2months - 2 years. it's not a necessity unless your pediatrician recommends it.

i think a nursery is really important - give your sweet babe their own space that will grow into their own room. a place that can be decorated or not - a place for you to find comfort, add sweet toys and books. jack was in his crib the night we came home from the hospital - i did occasionally nurse in bed and then my hubs would put him back in his room. abby slept in a pack-n-play in our room for 2 nights and then put her in the crib b/c i couldn't sleep well with all of her moving around! YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!!!! don't feel pressure from a book, friend or family member to make these decisions.. do what feels right and from someone that you value their opinion and their children! :)

... lastly, don't bother with a bumper -- and AAP just put out an update that they no longer recommend under any circumstances. i know this has been a debate for years - we used 1 with jack and then with abby our sweet pediatric nurse said NO. so, we took it out and abby never got hurt from bumping into the side of the crib {& she would - she's NUTS}. so, anyway --- you're looking beautiful... and yes, some momma's bellies stick out further than others.. some never show --- so, just enjoy showing off your belly because God is growing someone special in there! :) :)

Aimee Steckowski said...

whoops -- i wrote a book. sorry! :)

Aleks said...

well, as you know i dont actually have children but i am nanny to 4 chillens. When the family adopted the first kid we used the changing table alot if we were ustairs or if guests were over. but after a couple of months it became so much easier to just sit on the floor change the baby real quick and get on with the day. the next 3 kids we didnt use a changing table. The first 3 kids slept in a crib right off the bat. the fourth kid slept in a bassinet and then in a pack and play and now that hes 18 months he sleeps in the crib. he would cry until we layed him in the pack ad play. it was so weird.

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