BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Product Sponsorship

                                    A NEW kind of sponsorship...

Have you ever had a great idea in mind, and no time to whip it up?
Have you ever been inspired by colors, patterns, textures, but no resources to create?
Do you need a new goody, but don't want to pay "custom" prices?
A sponsorship through The Mrs. could help you develop a product specifically for you!

How it Works:
The Mrs’ sponsors would be not a sponsor of just a wee little icon on a sidebar, but the development of an entire product.  A sponsor chooses a product type, discusses their customizations with The Mrs, The Mrs. develops the product, and ships it to the sponsor. The sponsor then has the option to take photos with their new product to be used in their promotional post, or even as the listing photo in my shop!

What You Get:
As a sponsor you will receive free reign to choose from a product list with custom colors, textures, and much more. You will receive one-three items based on which package you choose. All sponsors will get a guest post & feature with notes from The Mrs on how great it was to work with this particular sponsor. Also, a free ad space will be given throughout the duration of the sponsorship. In total - a custom product, guest post, and ad space.

How much:
$10 sponsors one item, receives one guest post, and a month of ad space
$15-$20 sponsors a line of complimentary items (2-3), two guest posts, and two months of ad space
*Platinum (Photography)*
$30 sponsors 4 products. A photography sponsor will receive an item each season for prop use. This sponsor can choose from items listed or we can work together to develop something totally new! The photographer will receive items in a timely manner as to have them photographed before the new season. Photographers will get four guest posts and a year’s worth of ad space.

Product List:

Various headband styles: Newborn - Adult

Zipper Pouch
Maternity Sash
Necktie & Bowtie Photo props
Ruffle Necklace or Rosette Necklace
Rosette Ring & Earring Set
Crown or Visor Photo prop

Don't see something you want, but you have a great idea? 
Email me! Let's work on the creative process?
Boppy Covers
Camera Strap Covers
Burp Clothes
Alligator Hair Clips
These are all things that are certainly within the realm of this sponsorship!

Each product will be named by/after their sponsor until the end of time. 

There is no such thing as a silly question, so feel free to email me!
All sponsorships will be accepted via email at megan.volnoff{at}, and payments are due prior to mail out via paypal.

Why? You ask... I'm trying to get my shop up and running and have been having so much fun creating! I think it would be totally cool to get YALL involved in the creative process. I'm so inspired by your ideas & creativity, so... WHY NOT?

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