Mommy Thoughts Thursday {BOTTLES}

There are a million ka jillion bottles available now a days!
How is a first time mommy to be, to choose?
So many to choose from! So many options, warnings, and "benefits."

I know my sweet girl is going to come out with a preference and feeding personality all her own, but it sure is nice to have a plan. I will be a working mommy, so bottles will be necessary during the day. My sweet mother in law will be her caregiver {CHEERS!} and I will hopefully be able to breastfeed at night. I know this will take a lot of patience, practice, and learning, but I hope to make it work so that she can feed exclusively on breast milk.

I've done quite a bit of research on this one particular bottle, and the majority of consumers say it reduces "nipple-confusion" and allows working mommies to nurse at night. The BreastFlow bottle has a dual nipple system that imitates mommy, and apparently does so very well. Unfortunately, I cannot find it in stores anywhere... except the clearance rack at Wal*Mart. They can be purchased online in a variety of places, though!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest                                                             Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Another bottle that has hit the market recently is the Tommee Tippee. Claiming to be "Closer to Nature" it markets the same crew of working mommies. These are at Target. They have taken over the bottle aisle, to be exact. I put these on my registry simply because they intrigue me. And as a back up in case the BreastFlow is a no go with baby Madison. 


Source: via Megan on Pinterest                                                        Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Have any of you used these particular bottles?
Do you have any suggestions for working/nursing moms?
What bottles did you use?


BodaciousDreams said...

Preston would not ALL. I blame the NICU nurses for not letting me nurse him for his first week of life and them automatically bottle feeding him. BUT I would just pump and feed him a bottle. It was SO difficult bc he wanted to eat almost EVERY time I need to pump. so we were always on a crazy schedule BUT we used & still use the Evenflo Ventaire bottles. we tried almost EVERY bottle made & these were the best for him since he had problems with gas & reflux...they are great bottles- our FAVORITE. I know my friend pumps during the day & her baby has the Ventaire bottles like us & he does just fine latching on for those evening/late night feedings.

Paula said...

I used the Avent bottles.. Mostly because I wanted a really good manual pump (didn't want the noise of an electric). I loved that pump.. I have used it for 4 kids now and it is still in fantastic shape. None of my kids had issues with gas or a lot of spit up with those bottles.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Several of my girlfriends used the Tommee Tippee and absolutely loved them. I've heard nothing but good things about them.

My son would not latch properly for any regular feedings so after a week or two of "tricking" him (a trick they taught us at the hospital, using a catheter-like tube and our fingers) hoping he'd be able to latch...I caved and pumped. In fact, I'm still pumping (he's 9.5 months) if you ever have questions about that, man oh man, am I your girl lol :)

I forget, how far along are you now?

Jacy said...

This has definitely been my issue too! I just registered for different kinds and hope I got the right ones haha
For new mommies, it is confusing :/

JeKain said...

We have used Dr. Brown's WIDE mouth bottles. I exclusively breastfeed, but when I do need a bottle neither of my kids have a hard time with the transition. I think the most important thing trying to get a breastfed baby to take a bottle is to start early so they get used to the bottle at a young age (try it at least once before a month old). Also wide mouth bottles have a similar latch to breastfeeding, and lastly my daughter won't drink the milk if it's not warm enough, but that's not a bottle issue per-say, more of a preparation issue. Good luck and you guys are going to do great.

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