Mommy Thoughts Thursday {BABY WEARING}

So… This thing called baby wearing.

It sounds so much more complex than what it truly is.  I have two slings already that I got at discounted prices. Can you believe how much they are charging for those things? Sheesh… I got a new one from the online yardsale, and another for shipping only through a promotional email.

I’m excited about babywearing! I think it will truly eliminate that awkward 
“Don’t touch my baby you nasty infested stranger” 
conversation when I’m in publc.
Did you “wear” your baby?

What all did you do while baby wearing?


Got any tips for this mommy to be?
Here's one of my slings.. Newborn to like 25 pounds!


Amy said...

I wore my son (and so did my husband!) a lot during the first couple of months. It was so calming for him, and the only way he would sleep sometimes. We used a stretchy wrap though, not a sling. Now that he's too big for that, I use a soft-structured carrier (the Ergo) for when we are out shopping or on errands and things. The only thing I never did was cook with him in it, as I was too scared something hot would splatter on him by accident. He loves the carrier!

Aleks said...

when the family i work for had their first son i wore him all the time. especially at night when he would wake up and i was trying to clean up before bed or was getting homework done. i would just strap him in. we (the family i work for) had about 5 slings. i kept one in my car, one in the famly van, one in my room, one in the nursery and the mother had one by her nursing chair in her room. i never bent over with im in it though, i was too afraid he'd 'pop' out onto his little head, and i never cooked or used hot water with him in it either. and never wore it by the pool if i was the only one there. (not to mention it really screws with your tan) lol. the girls were still stroller age when he was born so it was so much easier to tote him attached to me instead of busting out the super huge triplets stroller, (do not buy one of those, way to difficult)

Natassia Butler said...

I got myself one of those slings too but it never worked well for me. I loved the moby wrap though! I borrowed it from a cousin and will definitely get one when we have another!

Lindsey said...

Loved my Moby wrap for the newborn era and the Ergo carrier once they got to be about 6 months. Helpful hint... put the Moby on before leaving home, that way you can just jump out of the car, stick baby in wrap, and go... do not attempt to wrap that thing in the Kroger parking lot, haha!

Julie S. said...

I can't get the babywearing thing down. I LOVE the sling you pictured, but I am just not sure if I could pull it off. I am only 5'1 so they look awkward on me. I have a Bjorn that I have used a couple of times around the house.

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