Guess Who's Back?

Hello readers... well if there are any of you left out there. I've taken a long break to spend time with my girl. The past 6 weeks have been full of love, laughter, joy, and tears. I've truly enjoyed the time with my girl, but in order to do what is best for her, I'm returning back to work.

Let's recap a little of the past month and a half of my life through pictures...

Lots of dress up, walks at the park, baby smiles, baby yawns and LOTS of snuggle time! The first two weeks were a fog, but the second two weeks I began to feel more human and was able to get out of the house. It was about the one month mark where I was TRULY able to enjoy her, and play with her. My recovery was super easy. I forced myself to be mobile, and I think that did a lot for my healing. We were able to go out to lunch with my sister (aunt Morgan), go shopping, and be out around the one month mark without major melt downs!

I would not have made it without my family, though. Knowing that I had a baby army at the drop of a hat, was so comforting. I was able to call on them in the middle of the night if I was spent. I knew I could have them come over during the day if I wanted (yes, wanted) to do housework. I'm so blessed to have so many people a phone call away from help.

I'm also blessed that my mother in law has such a beautiful heart and is volunteering her time and energy in helping us raise our girl. She is staying with her during the day. Awesome! She comes to our house in the morning, so we don't have to pack her up if she's sleeping. I told you, beautiful!

Today was my first day back to work. This morning went pretty smooth. I actually woke her up to breastfeed her because I need to initiate some sort of morning routine with her. I knew if I didn't do it at that point, then I'd be late. She nursed, and went right back to sleep, which enabled me to finish getting things ready for the day. I'm glad she slept, and was asleep when I left. It made it much easier to get out the door without sobbing.


Rebecca Rejoices said...

We're still here reading along! Congrats on the beautiful baby! The pics of her in the sunglasses is my fav, though they are all perfect! Good job, Mommy, good job!

Megan said...

She's precious! You are so blessed to have your family near by and it sounds like you have a wonderful mother in law!

... RacheL ... said...

:) Love you!! I'm happy to hear that today went well!

Bettina said...

Wow! Amazing you are back to work and so together already! I swear the fog lifted for me about week 7! So you are doing amazingly well. She sounds like a great baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Awesome you have family who will be there, especially in-home day care from a grandma! Glad you had time to enjoy her, recovered from your exhaustion. Good idea for am AM routine.

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